Sandra Walter: Ancient Intentions Coming to Light

Openhearted Rebel

sandra-walter-300x242By Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution – August 4, 2014 – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Current Gateway: Mastery Level Energies

You may have noticed a significant increase in the appearance of roses or similar flowers presenting in your visions. We have a focus from the Masters during this Gateway of August 4 – 12, mainly because of the deep transformations in our personal journeys in 2014.

The Ascended Masters, as well-trained, pure-service liaisons of HUman Ascension, are supporting the next step in our global HUman Ascension experience: The activation of Christed HUman 12 helix DNA templates.

One of their signatures is the Rose, the highest vibrational flower on the planet. Since last month’s pineal amplification, the Mastery visions have been phenomenal.

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