Dream 20 July 2014: Dimensions and vampires

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

It seems I am on a magical market sitting on a chair in front of a table. In front of me is a lady in multicolored clothes. I have a question to her, to bring me to another dimension as I was following a friend. She puts some sand on the table that turns in a watercolor substance of blue and brown colors. She asks me to put my hand on the spot. I feel vibrations running through me and I feel myself being transported to another dimension.

I am in the other dimension, standing on a boulevard. On my left is the sea and on my right sand dunes as far as my eye can see. I am looking for the person ( I soon realize I maybe looking for my best spiritual friend Leslee) I really hold dear. But I cannot fiend this person.

The dream changes and I am standing in front of a door of a house. I ring the doorbell and a man clothed as a vampire answers the door. He has a red and black mantle and a black suit. My friends are also with me and we enter his home that seems to be a vampire shop and museum. I am looking for  some fake vampire teeth. There are a lot of platforms in the shop and a lot of stuff, and we are walking through it. On our way through the shop I ask him how he developed his spiritual muscles. He says I show you and he goes into a sort of work out room. He sits on a sort of training machine where you need to lie on your back and push with your feet some weights. So he lies down and let me see how he does it.

Now the dream takes me to a motel where me and me friends want to stay for the night. But one of the rooms my friends are staying in seems to be haunted as they flee out of their room. Another friend and me are investing the matter and we are entering the room. We fiend some blue salt on the floor that seems to be confirming our suspicion.

Now I am in my bedroom, where I currently stay in Johannesburg. I leave my bedroom and leave my friends behind. When I go back to the bedroom they ask what is the password to come in. I tell them it is LI5962 and when I am inside the bedroom I see the dimensional portal has grown bigger, it is huge now, bigger then me. Now I am the first one to enter this dimensional portal and land upon a soft yellow beach.

I am sitting on a rock, doing some drawings on a sketchbook while watching the beautiful sunset. My friends are also there and we enjoy this nice beach and in front of us is a landing stage with a sort of tower house. We are doing some creativity exercises , one of them, I draw a ladder upon the tower house and such. Suddenly a see a few ghosts appear in front of me and bring me in a sort of trance. I find myself on the tower house and I am just playing, dangerously close to the edge, only thinking it is one floor high, even if I am three floors high.



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