The New Children of Planet Earth: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow

Many children being born today are quite unique and different from prior generations. These new children are more connected as they remember our spiritual connection. Each child expresses and experiences it in unique ways. And as a group, they are a more intuitive, more telepathic, more sensitive generation.

Indigo Children

There are older Indigo’s (known as Indigo Scouts) and younger as well.  But the largest number of Indigos came from 1970 through 1995.

They have indigo auras which are connected with the Third Eye’s frequency; these children are creative and some have heightened psychic abilities of clear seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

These abilities allow them to hear or see spirits/angels; detect dishonesty; or have accurate inner knowing about events, situations or people. They are sensitive and intuitive.

Indigo’s are Intelligent, quick learners, technologically orientated and often have amazing memories. They are very academic in situations and are direct, determined and confident

Many display warrior temperament yet easily get frustrated with routines, rituals, rules and regulations and are often misunderstood, they can be rebellious and non-conformist as they only accept authority with free-will and respect, They also come across as hyperactive, impatient, in-considerate and direct, BUT, This relates to their high level of creative energies.

It is therefore important to help Indigo children to divert their energies to creative pursuits such as music, creative writing, arts and craft or even sport to keep them in focus.

Indigos are natural leaders. They are wise old souls returning to lead us into a new age of cooperation, creativity and functional society where there will be no corruption and deceit.


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