Dream 16 July 2014: The voice of GOD


Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne


This has been a very powerful dream, short but powerful. That night my youngest daughter experienced some belly ache and after a while she eventually fell asleep.

I was dreaming that I was walking on a dirt road when I met this seemingly evil man. This man tries every dirty trick in the book to get me in the claws of the dark. As I was walking and talking to this man, we came across a bridge. We stopped in front while this man was still trying to catch me in the dark nets. But he didn’t succeed as I had compassion for him and saw the good side of him, I wasn’t scared either from him.

I walked further and came upon a huge room, with very high ceilings. Suddenly (it was just a inner knowing) a voice came from the ceiling, a voice of GOD. I feel a strange energy, god’s hand, lifting me up gently and I am floating gently to the voice. The feeling I have over my body because of the energy is very exciting, very strange but so comfortable ( I would love to have this feeling again, it makes me so happy) and suddenly GOD gives me a vision about who I am. I lean towards a purple flower and smell it’s gently smell and I hear ” Your are so full of compassion and see the good in people , even if they are evil. And you are someone who is she is, nothing more, nothing less”

Then my husband wakes me up as it is time to go to work. It is 5.30 AM.

I though this you tube video, the sound of the universe would compliment this dream:



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