Dream 9 July 2014: In the world below


Source picture: www.nzicescapes.com

I find myself going into an ice cave , following, walking, gliding down, down the ice blue tunnel. I finally arrive in what it seems in another world. Everything seems so strange and feels strange. A young lady is waiting there for me, she looks beautiful like a princess. It is not so cold down here as she was wearing a kind of attire without sleeves, it looks like gold. She welcomes me but she urges me to put on some clothes and some kind of weird looking shoes to cover me feet and I see she does not have feet as I do. I can’t see it well, but it is a mix of fins and hobbit feet. We are in a building with lots of windows without glass and lots of plants and vines surrounding the building. (this is more seeing/feeling of the interior). As she urges me to put on those weird clothes and shoes, her friends are coming our way. It is to late so the only thing I could do was trying to hide my feet from them. But is to no use, they see my feet. One of her friend has very long black hair with a little yellow flower in it. (now that I write this down, I see that when I did my shopping, I bought my cleaning stuff all yellow, I wanted to go for yellow) My friend pleaded with them not to tell anyone what they saw.

YELLOW: clarity, perception, understanding, cheerfulness, expansiveness, motivation, leadership, learning, communication, creativity, curiosity, productivity, health, blessing, enlightenment, intellect, stimulating, busy, bright, rich, sacred, solar magic.

But to no avail, when they left, not long after some strange men in orange suits and apparently my friends dad (who is a high placed person within the government of theirs) to take me and lock me up. They want to do some experiments on me. Then I find myself on their local market and talking one of the merchants, but she says she doesn’t want me here. I plead then with her, if she doesn’t want me here, to find a way to get home, the way up. As I didn’t want to stay and that I missed my family. Then I woke up out of this dream, feeling relieved that I was lying back in my bed.


Then my dream gets a little bit vague… I find myself in the same world again and somebody was stealing some food and I was looking for this person. I got him and put him in a huge transparent bag and obviously very strong, with all his belonging and handed him over to two looking policemen.

After that I was looking for my daughter Sarah and I see her. She went on a trip and just came back. I was so happy to see her again. (Here she was the age of 3 wearing a yellow summer dress with with little flowers)


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