Dream 27 June 2014

Source picture: www.fanpop.com

I was in the city and the sun is setting on beautiful clouds. One of the clouds was shaped in the shape of a face and the sun was playing beautiful with different kind of orange shades. So I take out my camera to take a lot of pictures until it is out of side behind those tall skyscrapers. (Funny when I came home I saw almost the exact face in the clouds, colored by orange and yellow rays of the sun)

The dream changes and places me in a sort of twilight zone, between dimensions. I can’t see the dimension I am in very sharp, everything looks hazy. But the scenery feels peaceful, I see a couple of farmer houses with red roofs. Now I walk to the building to my far right and as I enter I see I am in a sort of pub. Young and old men are occupying to pub and one of them say I came to the right place.

I ask him what is the right place? And he says you are in the middle of everything. (In the dream I get a feeling that I am on an island, and not an ordinary island, but an island in the middle of the world and in another dimension. And from this place I go anywhere in the world, it is all the same distance.)

The last piece of the dream wasn’t peaceful but scary. It is night and I am lying in my bed next to my husband. We are on the first floor of our house. It seems the first floor is at the attic as the window is sloping and I can see out side. Below me I see a roof and another adjacent roof. Two men dressed in black are climbing over the roof, so I wake up my husband to tell him what is going on. He leans over me to take a good look outside. In my panic I want to close the window, but by then the two robbers where already opening the window. One of the guys has a big knife in his hand and tries to stab me…but I manage to take his hand and stab him with his own knife…then I woke up out of this terrible, but realistic dream.

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