Dream 24 June 2014: Killer Robots

I find myself on an airport and have the feeling that something is about to happen, I can feel it in the air(port). First I hear very heavy footsteps coming my way and when I look up… oh my god…huge drilling machines with legs are killing people. One of those machines is coming my way and I see other machines killing people. All the people run away in panic and suddenly I find myself on the floor, knocked over by panicking people. Then I see this drilling robot bow down over me and start drilling towards my face. Now I have a sort of shield in the form of a wheel in my hand trying to protect myself of this killer robot. The machine drills a hole in the shield inches away from my face. I manage to get up and escape.

I find myself now flying in an airplane with other people. But the airplane is not going to our end destination, it is flying to a remote area away from the killer machines. We land in a plane graveyard and when we set up camp it is already dark and gloomy. I sit under a rusty roof and a bit further I see our leader sitting in front of a fire talking to somebody. So I think the whole group is there so I get up and walk towards our leader. But I stop as I see that he is just talking to one person, so I back away as I feel I barged into a private conversation.

The dream changes and I find myself in the city running away from the killer machines. First they chase us, but at some point we were hiding so well they gave up searching for us. I see the machines walk into a dead-end street. I want to see what is happening so I follow them. They open a portal in the dead-end wall and jump in and disappear.

As the portal closes a flash in the form of a blue hexagon flashes by and I see that this flash is reconstructing our dimension, like the robots where never there. Somehow I was protected from this alteration, I still remember what happened. But I don’t know why I wasn’t affected by this reset button, maybe because I was so close to this portal and saw this flash passing my face.


6 responses to “Dream 24 June 2014: Killer Robots

  1. ‘Wylhil’ was a name that came to me in a very powerful dream, and I felt it was important to remember it when I woke up. The fact that it is a word which my conscious self has no knowledge of reinforces my belief that many, perhaps all dreams, come from somewhere outside ourselves. Or maybe more aptly, that when we dream our spirit selves experience other incarnations beyond our current human experience (which we normally think of as ‘ourselves’, but which is just one very limited, yet also beautiful, minute part of our existence).

    Many people claim that our dreams are mental ‘garbage’ from our waking life that comes out in a jumble during REM as a form of clearing, that is why our dreams contain many symbols and messages about our waking life. I believe this is only partly true; I believe that in dreaming, our spirit selves rejoin the singularity (unified) creation, and experience (or possibly create) things completely outside of the confines of our waking consciousness. However, in waking, the memory of that experience must be translated to be understood by our conscious mind, which uses a jumble of it’s own mental references to understand things it actually has no frame of reference for.

    For example, if traveling in a dream your spirit self meets someone who your conscious mind has never met, in waking it will only be able to use actual references it has stored: “She was like my mother but also like a girl i knew in highschool.” The conscious mind cannot create, it can only experience, and remix. Only the subconscious, or spirit self, can actually manifest its own reality, and we are able to do that only partially in waking life, because our spirit self has chosen to become human, in order to learn and experience, and by definition this human incarnation is separated from the unified singularity, which is pure creative manifestation.

    So while our dream experiences are vastly bigger than anything in our waking experience, our conscious interpretation of them in waking are definitely symbolic of our current lives and contain messages about our current human situations, because whatever elements our conscious minds are preoccupied with, will be used as the vocabulary to translate the spiritual experience. For example, Mary and Margaret could encounter the same person in a dream, but in waking, Mary who is preoccupied with work may interpret that person as reminiscent of her boss, while Margaret, who has recently watched a movie, may see the person was George Clooney.

    Also, I believe that our conscious mind can greatly misinterpret our dreams in waking. For example, if you have the experience of being a surgeon operating on a patient in a dream, your conscious mind may be very shocked and confused, it may believe you are a murderer, using fragments of a movie you have seen. But for a surgeon who’s conscious mind contains this frame of reference, it would be the most banal and normal daily occurence. Have you ever had a ‘deja vu’, and felt distinctly not just that you had seen this before, but that you had actually DREAMED it before? You may be remembering a fragment of your future that you dreamed – when you dreamed it, it was bizarre and surreal, because your conscious mind didn’t yet have the reference for it; it may have even been frightening, because our conscious mind is also very uncomfortable with the unknown – later in life, when it actually happens, it may actually be a very normal and obvious part of your daily routine.

    Phew! I didn’t mean to write so much, but I feel this is very important, and I think you understand. Our spirit self, I think, is actually a return to the unified ‘all-selves’, or everyone-everything-everywhere (pure creative manifestation), which again, is impossible to understand by our human incarnations, who by definition, are separated from that unity in order to experience it. But through dreamwork, we can bring our human incarnations and our unified selves closer together to have more balance and understanding, and less pain and strife that comes from our separation.

    Finally … 🙂 … to answer your second question, I think that what is important is to learn to recall our dreams as accurately as possible without too much distortion that comes from making it fit into the frame of reference of our conscious mind (making it ‘make sense’). My story comes from the original transcriptions of my dreams in which I tried to be as unbiased and accurate as possible to what I remembered. Even though I found many of them were related, and came from perhaps the same ‘world’, I am already working with the limitations and bias of my conscious interpretations. To weave them together into a story, I made further distortions to the original integrity of the transcriptions, but I did so because I felt it was a necessary sacrifice to reach my audience (it is difficult to keep someones attention through 100 pages of abstract stream-of-conscious writing) Also, I believe that my creative weaving-together, and writing necessary portions from scratch, is also tapping into that spirit self – story-telling and fantasy is one of the manifestations of the unified-creative-energy we have available in our human incarnations, and we must use what we have and communicate with each other on this human plane. I sometimes fear that I have failed to do either through ‘Wylhil’ – captivate an audience OR communicate the spirit experiences, but I have to try, maybe it is only a personal journey, and perhaps I will get better at it as I go along 🙂

    Thank you for your questions, and sorry for the very verbose and drawn out explanation, that is why i try to put my ideas into artistic narrative where I can :/ but I love to discuss this stuff, as you can see …

    Much Love and Light to you, my spirit sister 🙂

    • Thank you so much, I think I have to read it a couple of times to let it really sink in. 😀 I sometimes draw my dreams in pictures of what I have seen. Thanks for sharing this.

      PS: Yes sometimes I have difficulty to write my dreams down as it has so much details, it is just hard to write them down in a fashionable manner.

      Love and light

  2. Hi, I read a few of your dreams I recognize the world and even some of the events that take place in them, because I have memories of incarnations in those worlds through my dreams as well. I started putting some of them together into a book, though I altered and diluted some aspects for the sake of weaving it together into a more narrative story in the hopes that it would be easier for people to follow. It is called ‘Wylhil’ and you can follow it here if you like http://thehandwordandlaw.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/wylhil-2/
    Light and love 🙂

    • Wow thank you so much of giving this beautiful gift to me, a gift of recognizing that dreams are more than dreams. I always have been amazed about my dreaming, that every time I woke up and go back to sleep, I go further were I left of, or the dream continues in the same dream line. I will certainly will read your Wylhil , any particular why you chose this name?

      Much love and light to you my dear brother

      • Writing all that out made me realize something – In the end I suppose ‘Wylhil’ really talks about me, and my human experience. But I think I try to keep parts of it as original undistorted transcriptions of my dreams in hopes that someone out there may recognize them from their own dreams or even their own lives, and we could get closer to understanding the unified spirit-consciousness. 🙂

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