Zen Gardner: Imagination – Access to the Infinite

Openhearted Rebel

Paintbrush_and_paletteWritten by Zen Gardner, Guest for Waking Times, June 27, 2014.

It’s amazing how our imagination has been minimized into an idea implying almost random superficial options when it contains the secrets of the Universe. What we appear to imagine is what makes our world the reality it is. It’s not “apart” from anything as they would have us to think. It’s our innate life force at work.

That’s why it’s quenched and severely channeled into other influences’ conceptual constructs to suppress our own realizations that might contradict the social narrative, which they know it is, as long as they define it, and hence they utilize it accordingly.

Any quick perusal into the world of artistic creativity or sincere investigation into theoretical scientific breakthroughs will verify this fact. Yet for humanity as a whole? Imagination is confined to a separated state of almost childish un-reality, relegated to fables…

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