Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast: 6/28/14

Openhearted Rebel

Written by Jayme Price, Crystalline Soul Healing, June 28, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Dear Being, as you create you change the vibrational balance upon Earth. We hear the call of frustration, confusion and sometimes even defeat as the will of the collective, the will of the present does not seem to cooperate with the future you want to create now.

You are a vital part of Life; honored, cherished and respected as the Creator that you are. You are supported and sustained by the engine of Life and this engine is in continual motion beyond your concept of Time.

Yet Time has given its flow to you, it interweaves with you and allows your focus to permeate its flow and form. It responds, allows and holds you on a track of movement, confined to day and night, confined to a collective clock. Your perception and participation…

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