Heavenletters: God Throws a Party

Openhearted Rebel

Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, June 25, 2014 – http://heavenletters.org/god-throws-a-party.html | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

God said:

Life on Earth is a party that I host. I invite you. I welcome you. I am glad you accept. This is a party of souls. There is nothing like this party that I throw and that you come to. All is new, and nothing is repeated exactly as before. It is always new. At My party, there is always a fresh new tide of waves.

Although this party originates in Heaven, this same party is reflected on Earth.

I must admit that some of My guests are not easy to please. I serve this, and I serve that, and yet there is something else you want to be served even when you do not know its name. There is a big wanting.

You never leave the party I give, you understand. You…

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