Dream 18 June 2014


A Is my Galactic Pod Ship. B Is the ship that rescues us out of the ruble.

I only remember my dream in pieces, here and there.

The first thing I remember is entering my Galactic Pod ship that was custom made to my needs. See drawing A. I am off to space. The dream changes and I am now in a building on mission, a mission to rescue my family. I found Nolwazi and Sarah and some other family members. But there also others that don’t belong to my family and as we are outside, I am trying to keep the glass door shut so that they won’t come out. The problem is that some of my family was still trapped on the other side and I was wondering how to get them out whiteout letting escape the non member family. But before I could think of something the whole building explodes trowing me far away.  I see the building first in a big fireball and then crumbling down like breadcrumbs. Some of the rubble lands on my family and buried them deep under need them.

I felt so said until a voice in my dream said that everything will be OK with them, whatever it seems now. 

Me and another family member are left over but we are still in danger. A kind of small golden ship with alien symbols on it and blue half stones in the middle with strange markings comes by. It has handles on the end of the ship and we both hang on this handles and fly away. See picture B.

In my last dream I am hold prisoner in some sort of hospital with my friend who I consider my sister. They are doing some experiments on me and my sister to enhance our abilities. But one of the nurses is really mean to me and she saying nasty things about me and taking me to an open window threatening to trow me out. One of the nurses that was sitting on a bench next to me told the nasty nurse to quite.  As I looked out the window I can see we are on the first floor and what a great opportunity to escape. And that is what I and my sister do, we jump out of the window and run away.

It is evening and we are at a pool party, but some of the treatments are not for free and we don’t have any money. We decide to leave the party by jumping into the other empty swimming pool, and we have fun swimming across. We get out of the pool and we see in the darker part, another big pool but the water looked kind of dark. We jump anyway in it but as soon as I start to swim I don’t feel save. I feel like shadows are swimming along me and I get out of the swimming pool real quick. So I shout to my sister to come out of the water as it was not safe. Then I see a big lion shadow going for her and I am shouting, and shouting to hurry up. Luckily she made it out of the water on time.

After a week on the run and hungry we decided to get back to the hospital. We see that they were clearing the hospital, I see the guards and they recognize us and let us in. All the staff there were surprised that we came back. One of the nurses leads us back to the check up room to see if we were OK. Then one of the heart meters went crazy and I don’t know if it was mine or my sisters.

I wake up half and have a dream/vision/fantasy? seeing that I was the one having a heart attack (it was strange as I was both awake and seeing myself in my dream, dying, floating above my body). It was the military who wanted to get things along and they induced a  heart attack to raise my abilities, so when I got half conscious , I was able to float some medical instruments in the air and then I went under again. I am next to my body again and I see that they take my sister away as she was no longer needed. They were focusing on me as it seems my abilities got advanced enough and they are rolling me out on a stretcher, they are going to take me to a very secret location where they can experiment further and…. then I really woke up out of this crazy dream.

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