SaLuSa on Aurora Dreamflight and Equinox Energies – 21 June 2014

Multidimensional Ocean

2014-03-28-1287Dear ones, we come again on mass celebrating your Solar Equinox on your planet. This is the reason why we are showing our ships in the night sky to you more and more often. We like to think that we are welcome by most of you, and that seeing our ships in your skies, peacefully, would encourage people to project positive energy towards us, your star brothers and sister.
This time of joy around the Equinox is most welcome in most cultures, and planets as a time of culmination and outburst of joy. We feel like being part of the joy upon your planet at this time, with you, and hope to give you hope and encouragement.
We would also like to signal that the Aurora star ship is most happy to return for the summer months over the Northern Hemisphere.

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