Dream 9 June 2014


My daughter Sarah petting the donkey.

I dream that I am in sort of zoo but it isn’t a zoo, only the set up looks like a zoo, but it is actual an animal gathering. There are so many people around, a lot of them are tourists, some of the people are here for a purpose. The animals that were there were special animals. The funny thing is that it wasn’t the people watching the animals, but the animals watching the people.

The reason for this particular gathering zoo was that the animals could look into the inner beings of humans. Every time an animal acknowledge the goodness in this human, points could be earned.

I come in a coral where a huge big black horse is lying down and there are a lot of people taking pictures. As I come closer, the horse turns his head to me, as I am at the coral, he puts his head into my arms and acknowledges me.

Also some birds, a particular green bird comes and sit on my shoulder, again acknowledging me.

I walk further and come into another coral where a sort of horse/cow stands and the face has the stripes of a zebra. Also this animal acknowledges me.

Then this gathering animal keeper comes to me and says I am doing a good job and earned more than 3500 points.


I believe that in this dream(s) that I have been tested and seems I am doing a good job so far.



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