Dream 10 June 2014

Source picture: lucas2012infos.wordpress.com

Source picture: lucas2012infos.wordpress.com


I was in an big white classroom, huge and it felt like round where there was a lot of computers were we were doing art projects on. I was working on an animation movie in this art school. (I felt like I was in this huge ship) As I stood up I could see out of the window my old art school and the art student flat that they were renovating.

It was time to have some lunch and I seem to be in a big eating hall with a lot of tables that were all taken. It took me long time to find any chair and table to sit as I seem to go round this big hall.

Finally I see one empty chair to sit on. I seem to sit with a lot of people, but two guys are standing out to me. The look like two Indian twins but there eyes are so strange, they had almond shape eyes and there pupils were white with black. Very strange to see but also comfortable as one of the guys seems familiar. He introduces himself and told me we met in an very early stage somewhere else, in another course. They say they are Arcturians.

The dream changes and I appear to be still in the eating hall but standing up reading or making an comic book about Arcturians, but I don’t understand the drawings that was in the comic.


When I woke up I thought of an article I read ” Lightworker Series Appendix A: Your Now Future Space Career Job Descriptions & Ship Names” saying:

You are now attending ship-side schools aligned to your skill-set, talents, plus your higher self’s requests, as well as your Starseed races’ specialties.

In dream recall, you remember sitting in an amphitheater or in a classroom or perhaps taking tests. These memories are from your current ship-side training. Once you leave the Matrix – and are fully trained and synthesized into your One Multidimensional  Self  – you will be engaged in a job / mission within your long-term space home. 

You can read more on:Lightworker series

This article also applies on my dream A Bed of Roses.

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