The Magical Multiverse

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

9ac1fb43869f25f7e70cefc17801747eThe multiverse is a magical place.  We must be open to this fact in order to act properly in the fifth dimension.  It is magical to us because we’ve been taught to think of it in three dimensions of hard physicality, with the added dimension of time.  When mentally confined in that way, our personal universe produces anomalies.  Life simply doesn’t fit into that box.  Almost always our wonderful rational minds cancel out the magic.  We only notice if a man of knowledge points it out, or something occurs that is so traumatic as to “stop the world”.

“The world” is that description of our universe that is taught to us from the time we are born—that explains away auras, imaginary friends, deja vu, past life knowledge, seeing and knowing many kinds of information that our matrix society wants us to think are not possible.  For example, my father, who…

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