Imagine How We Can Operate in the Multiverse

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

pebble wayI’m an analytical and language thinker, but I also think in pictures.  I’ve been developing my pictures of a model for acting in the multiverse.  Remember, this is not about abstract science.  We all already have such pictures in our minds, about our 3D idea of life.  I know you can picture your trip from home to work – pictures “in your head”.  You use pictures to imagine your choices in life.  Now we all have to develop new pictures that help with a new understanding, because we have new and more possibilities—choices of how we’ll be living in our New Earth.pebble pathways

Recall that time is discontinuous, as mentioned in an earlier post:  Cherokee Other Self and the Multiverse.  Billions of times per second, we switch from one moment, one vantage of the ever still NOW, to another.  That’s kind of crazy to think about.  I picture many still-photo possibilities…

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