Golden Age of Gaia : Giant ‘Cloaked’ UFO Hovers Over Major Volcano Erupting in Indonesia

With a bit of super-sleuthing, together with a tip from reader Dennis, we’ve uncovered some great video footage of the giant mothership hovering over the Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia. So now you can see the sheer size of this ship in all its glory – in full, living colour (complete with Indonesian news commentary)!

The mothership appears about 18 seconds in and while it’s featured in the middle section of footage, you’ll notice that it appears and then disappears in the wide shots by the end which, while filmed at different times, indicate the ship came and went . The original story and photos from yesterday’s post are included below.


From June 1, 2014:

The internet is abuzz with talk of what appears to be a giant, cloud-hidden mothership (yes, just like Linda Dillon’s Neptune photo yesterday) hovering over the massive eruption of the volcano on the island of Sangeang Api, Indonesia, which has already shut down flights in and out of the northern Australian city of Darwin and halted air travel to and from Bali.

As Scott C.Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says: “A volcano exploded, and within the cloud rose a UFO of massive proportions. This UFO was caught on photos and video on May 31, 2014 and was seen in Asia on TV news.

“Its color was almost pure white, unlike its surrounding volcano smoke which was a dirty grey.

“It is a well known fact among UFO researchers that aliens often have bases 4-5km below active volcanoes because less people go there due to the dangers of an eruption or gasses. “This way they can go to and from their base in UFOs and not be noticed.”Here’s the whole photo from

The giant UFO hovers over the dark cloud plume from the volcano on Sangeang Api, Indonesia on May 31,

Source:Golden Age of Gaia

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