Dream 3 June 2014: Atlantis

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Just before I went to sleep I asked my guides to show me a bit of Atlantis and got following dream:

I am walking in what it seems an open concept of houses without windows or doors that locks. The pillars, the walls looks like they are from sandstone. I look out of the window (without window glass) and see a green scenery before me and I see the, same housings around me. The feeling of the environment is a tropical feeling. In the house itself I see on my left an elevated floor that seems carpeted with flowers pattern. It is divided by a glass wall and on the other side I see a clear blue swimming pool and I thought ” Cool a swimming pool in my bedroom“. There is a bed and I see a white dog running around, it seems to be my dog.  My dog wants to go up to the elevated floor but then a woman walks in and runs to the dog and picks him up. As I look at her in question she showed me why she did this. The touches the carpet, but it isn’t a carpet, it seems to be an enormous bath filled with flowers as she  waves around with her hand in the water. That part of the room is a bit dark and poorly lit. (probably to make it more romantic)

The dream changes and I am somewhere in jungle with a lot of dangerous things happening (can’t remember exactly what happened only that I remember I had to find my back to the city again, where my house was) and I am trying to go with my canoe through this wilderness river but I been caught up with snakes on an overhanging tree trunk. I left my canoe and I am going on foot hoping that I am not too late as I knew something bad was going on in the city and I was needed there to help.

Finally I reach my house that seems to  look over a round courtyard and a man who looks sick (I had the feeling it was an epidemic sickness going on) comes towards me. I had the feeling that I was the healer in town and that people come by to me to get some healing.

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