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I want to introduce two ideas that are shocking to most people.  The first is that atoms, molecules and plasma are conscious beings—Spirit.  Your body is made of conscious beings.  Science now knows that our bodies depend on bacteria.  These are conscious creatures.  Not only that, but each cell in your body, each organ, and all kinds of other body elements are beings.  We are host to billions of physical entities. 

Thought Form

The second shocker is that your thoughts are conscious beingsWe are also inhabited by billions of living thoughts.

A symbiotic relationship exists between our physical bodies and our spirits.  They co-evolve.  Similar to genetics, our thoughts have lineages that have been formed by experiences and molded into stories that we constantly tell ourselves.  Our stories have co-evolved with our collective consciousness.  Individually, we decide which thoughts  to use to interpret each…

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Sylphs, Chemtrails and Orgonite

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

Today we had tornadoes passing through this area.  Thunder is still rumbling.  I worked with some divine entities and their energies, for mitigation of damages.  So I was thinking about the skies and spirit.  I won’t inundate you with talk about spirit.  Many of you are not into that.  I’ll only touch on one type of nature spirit who are having a big impact on our skies:  the beautiful air spirits, the sylphs.  They are, like all spirit, conscious beings, and very active.  When I first heard people talk of seeing them, I didn’t know what to look for, but after looking at photos, I can spot them.  Aren’t these amazing?

I’m always surprised when people have never heard of chemtrails.  I’m not talking about contrails!  Chemicals sprayed from large military and commercial planes is an unpleasant topic, an example of harm the global power mongers are inflicting upon us…

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The Magical Multiverse

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

9ac1fb43869f25f7e70cefc17801747eThe multiverse is a magical place.  We must be open to this fact in order to act properly in the fifth dimension.  It is magical to us because we’ve been taught to think of it in three dimensions of hard physicality, with the added dimension of time.  When mentally confined in that way, our personal universe produces anomalies.  Life simply doesn’t fit into that box.  Almost always our wonderful rational minds cancel out the magic.  We only notice if a man of knowledge points it out, or something occurs that is so traumatic as to “stop the world”.

“The world” is that description of our universe that is taught to us from the time we are born—that explains away auras, imaginary friends, deja vu, past life knowledge, seeing and knowing many kinds of information that our matrix society wants us to think are not possible.  For example, my father, who…

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Imagine How We Can Operate in the Multiverse

The New Earth Blog ~ Creating Our New Life in the Age of Compassion

pebble wayI’m an analytical and language thinker, but I also think in pictures.  I’ve been developing my pictures of a model for acting in the multiverse.  Remember, this is not about abstract science.  We all already have such pictures in our minds, about our 3D idea of life.  I know you can picture your trip from home to work – pictures “in your head”.  You use pictures to imagine your choices in life.  Now we all have to develop new pictures that help with a new understanding, because we have new and more possibilities—choices of how we’ll be living in our New Earth.pebble pathways

Recall that time is discontinuous, as mentioned in an earlier post:  Cherokee Other Self and the Multiverse.  Billions of times per second, we switch from one moment, one vantage of the ever still NOW, to another.  That’s kind of crazy to think about.  I picture many still-photo possibilities…

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Dream 3 June 2014: Atlantis

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Just before I went to sleep I asked my guides to show me a bit of Atlantis and got following dream:

I am walking in what it seems an open concept of houses without windows or doors that locks. The pillars, the walls looks like they are from sandstone. I look out of the window (without window glass) and see a green scenery before me and I see the, same housings around me. The feeling of the environment is a tropical feeling. In the house itself I see on my left an elevated floor that seems carpeted with flowers pattern. It is divided by a glass wall and on the other side I see a clear blue swimming pool and I thought ” Cool a swimming pool in my bedroom“. There is a bed and I see a white dog running around, it seems to be my dog.  My dog wants to go up to the elevated floor but then a woman walks in and runs to the dog and picks him up. As I look at her in question she showed me why she did this. The touches the carpet, but it isn’t a carpet, it seems to be an enormous bath filled with flowers as she  waves around with her hand in the water. That part of the room is a bit dark and poorly lit. (probably to make it more romantic)

The dream changes and I am somewhere in jungle with a lot of dangerous things happening (can’t remember exactly what happened only that I remember I had to find my back to the city again, where my house was) and I am trying to go with my canoe through this wilderness river but I been caught up with snakes on an overhanging tree trunk. I left my canoe and I am going on foot hoping that I am not too late as I knew something bad was going on in the city and I was needed there to help.

Finally I reach my house that seems to  look over a round courtyard and a man who looks sick (I had the feeling it was an epidemic sickness going on) comes towards me. I had the feeling that I was the healer in town and that people come by to me to get some healing.

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: May 27, 2014 – Oh My God!

City of Light Update: Oh My God!, as received by Genii Townsend, May 27, 2014 –

As I enter into a visual meditation state to go into the City of Light it is so bright that I can hardly see it.  The light is thatbrilliant. It indeed will be an attention getter across the world. Wow! The outside of it sparkles and is lit beyond my explanation. I feel such delight and joy as I approach one of the huge gorgeous power gates with an Angel statue smiling down at me.

“Oh My God! Is this what we are to expect upon our delivery? First class does not say it! OMG does!  How can I explain this?” I wonder as tears of thanksgiving run down my face.

It has been a long time in coming, but well worth the wait. OMG! People will be saying these words for it could be no other as nothing else fits what I am experiencing.

Meeting me is La-Luke, who seeing my condition, takes my hand and we enter the gate under the Angel who seems to smile. “Why not, it is worth smiling about.”  I feel a bit unsteady which is unseen, but felt energy waves of such love that cannot be explained except OMG!

Inside the City gate is, of course, also pure light, but somehow a bit different like a softer higher volume than we experience in our daily life. Each building I see is pure sparkling light, white with tiny crystal shards embedded in the exterior, which could be why people have been seeing crystal cities for many years somewhere in time. Could it be the reflections from the city buildings?

La-Luke leads me into the Park of Relaxation and even the trees and flowers sparkle, as light is what they are growing in, like someone has sprinkled glitter on them…OMG!

The trolley pulls up and we hop aboard heading for the Embassy of Peace.

La-Luke: “You O.K.?”  I opened my mouth to speak and all that came out was OMG!

“Indeed”, says my guide of many years with a smile that would melt an ice cube.  No other people were seen which I found interesting as the trolley stopped and we got off at the Embassy.

This time it was at the front door that we stopped and we were led into the foyer and greeted by several loving entities from the Universe. We were then led into the huge Pastor Joel Osteen style arena and on stage where Ooo-lon awaited with several other entities. While giving me a hand up, my thought is “OMG, never in my wildest imagination could I ever image this scenario.”

Next I see coming forth two fancy throne-like chairs for us and I was really ready to sit down.

O00-lon: “Well, what do you think about all this now.”

Genii: “OMG! It looks like you have put the finishing touches on everything.”

O: “Yes, but not quite…beautiful isn’t it?”

G: “Ah-some, breathtaking, fascinating, beautiful. OMG! Words leave me. All this and it will heal too?  People are going to be….?”

O: “OMG! Ring a bell?”

G: “What am I now to share with my report?”

O: ”I think you have already begun. The City of Light prepares for its appearance, like putting the finishing touches on a stage play in your world. Coming into your 3D world takes quite a bit of doing.”

G: “Does this mean the City is about to appear?”

O: “As said… the final touches are being put into place, as well as the overall electrical systems, as all must be quite accurate.”

G: “What am I to report at home?”

O: “Readiness in your world is most important, for the awesomeness of what is to be seen will be a shock to millions. Just look at how you, who have been here many times as reported in your best-selling book, “Something’s Coming”, react.

“Well, expect it to be so! The location of the spinning vortexes is working overtime and in its appearance the Sedona, AZ area will literally be filled to overflowing with people wanting to see what God has brought forth”.

“Nothing will stop them from getting to Sedona and seeing what has taken place. It will be OMG time. Now then, those who have been Light-Linked thru the 4 Keys to Light sessions you give, will get the first inner charge of what has (or is) taking place.”

“Hear this please… you must establish a City of Light Information Center, a building where people can find answers in an office-type setting that they are used to normally, as some may think they are going insane. The ‘Light Links’ are the connection, calming people to be able to handle this as an open human connection.

“The leading group is the Albuquerque Light Links who have been set in the linked-in knowing and can get instant information of what to do and where to go, as well as those who have been light-linked for some time. Note: being light-linked is prime!

“A building is needed to house City of Light information, The 4 Keys to Light, City reports, various classes of which the Light Links are included, the vast resources of the Charles (Betterton, Genii’s business partner) city connection, all which of course can be housed in the same location. Even the Rev. Diana (Runge from Tucson, Arizona, USA) could hold her spiritual sessions as well. Think of it as a ‘Healing Community’ of Light sensitives doing healing work for others.”

“Report to the Light Links that the sacred tone should be sounded to secure such a location and should be set in place as quickly as possible. Understand time is short?”

G: “Yes I  understand.”

O:  “Stay open to guidance as all the rest comes into view and with this message we lead you back to your world to spread the words, OMG!”

And with that I am helped to my feet. The audience stood as I thanked Ooo-lon and exited back out the Embassy doors, onto the trolley and back out the gate.

OMG!…. That about says it!”


P.S. Our Sedona Light Center Team is touring possible locations for the City of Light Information Center and we are developing a business plan. If you would like to participate in any possible way (such as volunteering, donating or investing in the real estate and or offering your programs here), please contact us for more information. Thank You!

Videos: Why Are UFOs Revisiting Medelin, Colombia? – May 21, 2013 and May 25, 2014

ufo colombia mapImages from UFO Sightings Daily, May 27, 2014 –

Below are two videos.

The first video with a yellow sky was taken on May 21, 2013   in Medellin,  Colombia. It is filmed flying over the area near the Atanasio Giradot stadium.

The second video with the blue sky was taken in the same location – over the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medelin – a few days ago, on May 25, 2014.

Now many locals and UFO watchers are questioning why a UFO has shown up over Medelin in May for two consecutive years…

Colombian UFOs

Video 1 is from May 21 2013:
Posted by YouTube user Vito Rouse.

Watch the craft come in over the middle of the mountain range and then power right up – wow!



Video 2 is from May 25, 2014:
Posted by You Tube user Lucio Rodriguez.

This craft hovers over the same area in broad daylight just a few days ago.


Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Accessing the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keeper Crystals

Archangel Michael: Accessing the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keeper Crystals. Channelled through Ronna Herman, June 1, 2014, at:

Beloved Masters, in your mind’s eye, however you perceive, envision that you are viewing the Earth from a great Light ship, and together we, the angelic Forces and the multitude of universal Light Beings who represent our Father/Mother God, are bringing forth the energetic vibrational patterns of the wondrous Divine schematic in preparation for humanity’s inhabitation of the Earth.

During the intricate, complex stages of preparation, great sentient crystals were implanted deep within the Earth in strategic places around the planet. A portion of each huge crystal rose from the Earth’s surface as a sentinel which radiated energy and information out into the Cosmos, as well as functioning as a receiver of Divine Light, Wisdom and Power from our Father/Mother God.

Over the many aeons of time, as Earth changes took place whereby mountain ranges rose into the skies, land masses sank beneath the waters, and continents shifted and changed shape, most of those great crystals were shattered and buried deep within the Earth and the waters.

However, many remained intact deep within the waters, in great caverns, and many more lie close to the surface of the land hidden only by a thin covering of earth or vegetation, waiting for you to discover them and bring forth their powerful gifts and ancient memories. They are the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keepers, and you hold the key which will give you access to the wisdom and the power of manifestation that lie dormant within them.

Each one of you bears within the Essence of your Soul, your DNA and your personal God-Self such wondrous gifts, such magical energy and a vast memory bank of universal information and history. All of these stories that are now being told and the ancient memories that are being accessed, don’t you realize that you were there? Perhaps it was not always specifically you in physical form, but at times it was a close member of your soul family.

You do not have to personally experience everything that has happened during this great journey throughout the Universe and on Earth to be a part of it or to have it in your memory bank, for you have a lifeline, a soul memory connection with your immediate Soul Family, which creates a link whereby they will gain the data and wisdom from your experiences, and their experiences are seeded into your memory storehouse as well.

Many of you are in a phase of transition whereby you are feeling disconnected and alone as you strive to adjust to the next level of cosmic vibrational patterns. Humanity is gradually emerging from the restrictive illusion of the lower astral planes as the expansive, accelerated frequencies of the higher fourth dimension permeate the Earth and all its inhabitants at one level or another.

Know that your column of God-Light is widening and becoming stronger, so that more and more Divine Elixir of life can pour down into and through you, as it saturates your body and radiates down into the Soul Essence of the Earth. This rarified energy is critical for your host planet, as this Great Being struggles to return to balance and harmony within, as well as to lessen the intensity of the cataclysms on its surface.

The higher frequency vibrational patterns are especially important in the process of purifying and returning the auric field, which surrounds your planet, to its original blueprint of perfection. As you purify your four lower bodily systems so that you may consistently increase the amount of Adamantine Particles of Light that you can magnetize to you and radiate from you, it is a duty and a Divine gift to be able to assist your beloved planet to evolve as well.

As the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it is affecting all Creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your Source is growing stronger and more compelling all the time.

The magnetization factor is growing stronger, and you are magnetizing to you in stronger and stronger measures that which you have claimed as your reality. If you believe that you must live in poverty and chaos, those thought forms will be reinforced and magnified in your life. If you have accepted the truth that you are entitled to a life of beauty, joy and prosperity that reality will unfold before you (if you follow through, and take the proper steps as outlined in our past messages).

The return to harmony and balance begins within each of you. Unity consciousness can begin with you, here and now, in this moment. First, it is vitally important that you acknowledge and bring forth into your consciousness all of those unbalanced fragments that you have created during your many lifetime experiences – those things that control you, those things that have created an emotional and mental prison around you in your auric field.

Then, you must become aware of these fragments and how they affect your reality, and through your conscious intent you must create a desire to change and to fill those fragments with transformative Love/Light energy. We are always ready and willing to assist you in your positive endeavors, but you must ask and give us permission so that we can reinforce your resolve, so that we may give you the necessary knowledge along with swiftest and best way to accomplish your transformation with ease and grace.

In the past, you have tried many times to stifle or gain power over your addictions, your negative habits and thought patterns. You have resisted them, hated them and constantly thought about them, thereby reinforcing their control over your emotions, your mind and your quality of life.

Remember, we have said many times, for it is a universal truth, wherever and whatever you focus your attention on, you give energy to and reinforce, whether positive or negative. You must free the fragments you have created by loving them and acknowledging that they have served you well, and by sending forth an impassioned thought that now it is time for them to be reunited and to once more be a part of you within your solar power center of the heart, to be filled with Light and to become an empowered facet of your God-consciousness.

Know that everything, at some level, is seeking the Light – seeking balance and harmony – seeking to return to that which it was in the beginning. Each phase of new awareness or expanded consciousness has its special miracles and benefits which are to be savored and enjoyed.

Each time you release some old self-limiting, painful thought form, habit or discordant energies within, you are transformed, and you remove a small (or large) part of your disguise, which allows you to integrate another facet of your wondrous God Self. In doing so, you are gradually creating a new empowered you. A new reality opens to you whereby you have access to many new concepts, as well as new talents, and your sensitivity to the exquisite nuances of Spirit miraculously unfolds around you.

If you could truly see the grid system, the web of life or the connection of all things, you would have a better understanding of the concept of Oneness. It is not just the Earth that has an intricate grid system. You have streams of Light that radiate forth from you and to you, one to another, back and forth amongst every person on Earth. Some are stronger, some are weaker, but you are still intrinsically connected with everyone and everything on your planet and even within this Sub-universal expression.

This may be mind-boggling and hard for you to imagine, but it is true. When we say you are all One, what does this really mean and how does this happen? It is because there are those streams of Light that penetrate and filter through everyone, around and through all of the Earth. Yes, most of these streams of Light are very weak, but more and more of these streams of Light are growing stronger and are setting up a vibration of recognition.

There is an echo from within that says, “Yes, I remember you. Yes, I know who you are, and I know we have been together before. I don’t know where, but I feel and recognize your vibrations and your energy signature. You touch my soul and make my heart strings sing. Your loving Essence assures me that I am no longer alone. Welcome into my heart. I ask you to share my journey and to allow me to be a part of your journey as well.”

You are learning so much, so quickly. It is often so mind-expanding that you do not know what to believe, and you think you cannot take in or integrate any more new information, but we tell you this is only the beginning.

You are becoming spiritual/human adults, whereas in the past you have been functioning as human children in a restrictive third- / fourth-dimensional reality, feeling as though you were disconnected from God and controlled by the whims of fate and nature. As Self-masters and spiritual adults, you are learning that you are citizens of the Universe, you are Starseeds, Light Warriors and the vanguard of the New Age. You have soared throughout this Universe and other Universes as well.

You have heard that for a very long time there was a quarantine around the Earth, this solar system and even your Galaxy, which has now been dissolved so that you may receive Galactic, Universal and Omniversal information.

We now tell you that there was also a filter placed around this Universe. This Universe, in which we all are playing an integral part, is one of the most recent universes to be created from the Essence of the Supreme Creator, and therefore it is a Universe that is situated at the farthest edge of Creation. We too have been limited in our knowledge of the workings of the Omniverse, as well as the amount of higher frequency vibrational energy that we have had access to.

You see, the first universes that were created were the most powerful and the closest to perfection, for they surrounded the Great Central Sun of the Supreme Creator and contained the pure Essence of Creation. As more and more universes, galaxies, star systems were created, ever-expanding and pushing Creation further and further out into the Great Void (and further away from the Supreme Creator), each refraction into density meant each new creation had less of the perfection of the All That Is.

You must realize that we are ALL much stepped down energetic fragments, but still an integral facet of the magnificence of the Supreme Creator. And if we were sent forth with the command to create in the Creator’s name, for it was the Creator’s desire to experience more of Itself, why would the Creator tell us what we were to create?

We were given a blessed Divine gift as co-creators, and so were each of you. You are a co-creator god in your own right, and that is not sacrilegious; it is a Universal Truth. You must understand that is why you are here on Earth; that is who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Remember, you are also responsible for your own creations through the laws of cause and effect.

Please understand that this Universe was created with dramatically stepped-down and diluted primal Life Force Substance. Some are calling this Universe a fallen universe, but we do not choose to call it that. This is a Universe which was created specifically so that we could experience duality and polarity. The spectrum of Light and shadow was designed with the Still Point of Creator Light at its center, and the pendulum of duality was to swing only so far into the positive/negative, masculine/feminine, the Light/shadow, the yin/yang energy.

You must understand that some of the co-creator gods created less than perfection as they too learned to use their Creator-given rights. Over the aeons of time the pendulum has swung further and further into the shadow land of duality, but it has always been balanced with the same amount of Divine Light substance. The duality/polarity of the Earth is now in the process of returning to Center, into its proper, designed spectrum of Light/shadow.

There have always been magnificent emissaries from the higher realms scattered throughout this Universe, and particularly in this Sub-universe, your Galaxy and on the Earth, for this is where the culmination of this Divine experiment in Creation is being played out in its final stages.

As we have told you before, the Supreme Creator is now taking an active role in the creative process of all the Omniverse, and the pure, rarified energy from ITS heart core is now streaming forth and affecting every facet of Itself from the greatest to the most minuscule. Creation does not contract; it is ever-expanding, and you have an integral part to play in that expansion.

You are at a grand crossroads, Beloved Ones. As you move through the process of clearing and cleansing the multiple facets of yourself, you are leaving behind the energies that created all the pain, suffering and distress.

Step back for a moment, and view these past months as an observer – are you beginning to get the picture of what the grand plan and Ascension are all about? Being aware and in control are important facets of mastery. If you have diligently worked with the lessons we have given you, you should be well on your way to reclaiming the many gifts you brought to Earth so many aeons ago.

Each of you is the center of your own Universe. You, as a co-creator, send out energy and intent which create thought patterns of a certain frequency. These higher frequency vibrations go forth from you as Rays of energy in an infinity sign, creating wave forms, which are a reflection of your conscious thoughts, intention and actions.

As you learn to stay heart-centered and soul-focused, thereby always radiating Unconditional Love and balanced/harmonious vibrational patterns, your world and reality are gradually changing for the better, for you are functioning as an empowered master of co-creation–a true Divine emissary of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator.

During these times of uncertainty and great change, remember, my beloved Warriors of Light, there is nothing to fear and so very much to be gained. Feel the warmth of our sacred breath as it brushes your cheek, sense the aura of Love in which we surround you. We are near: reach out and touch us. We will respond. You are loved most profoundly.

I Am Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael.

Golden Age of Gaia : Giant ‘Cloaked’ UFO Hovers Over Major Volcano Erupting in Indonesia

With a bit of super-sleuthing, together with a tip from reader Dennis, we’ve uncovered some great video footage of the giant mothership hovering over the Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia. So now you can see the sheer size of this ship in all its glory – in full, living colour (complete with Indonesian news commentary)!

The mothership appears about 18 seconds in and while it’s featured in the middle section of footage, you’ll notice that it appears and then disappears in the wide shots by the end which, while filmed at different times, indicate the ship came and went . The original story and photos from yesterday’s post are included below.


From June 1, 2014:

The internet is abuzz with talk of what appears to be a giant, cloud-hidden mothership (yes, just like Linda Dillon’s Neptune photo yesterday) hovering over the massive eruption of the volcano on the island of Sangeang Api, Indonesia, which has already shut down flights in and out of the northern Australian city of Darwin and halted air travel to and from Bali.

As Scott C.Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says: “A volcano exploded, and within the cloud rose a UFO of massive proportions. This UFO was caught on photos and video on May 31, 2014 and was seen in Asia on TV news.

“Its color was almost pure white, unlike its surrounding volcano smoke which was a dirty grey.

“It is a well known fact among UFO researchers that aliens often have bases 4-5km below active volcanoes because less people go there due to the dangers of an eruption or gasses. “This way they can go to and from their base in UFOs and not be noticed.”Here’s the whole photo from

The giant UFO hovers over the dark cloud plume from the volcano on Sangeang Api, Indonesia on May 31,

Source:Golden Age of Gaia

Angela Artemis: The Role of Intuition in the Phases of Spiritual Awakening

Graham: Angela was my guest this week on The Brilliance Within. Click here to listen to the show:

By Angela Artemis,, April 12, 2014 –

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; We are spiritual beings having a human experience. –Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955)

Everyone wants to live a bigger, better more fulfilling and meaningful life. And you can when you learn to listen and follow your intuition.

The role of intuition

Your intuition is guidance that comes directly from your higher self or as some prefer to call it the Soul. Your intuition speaks to you constantly whether you hear it or not. It is always trying to move you in the direction of your highest good by pushing you toward growth so that you can live the bigger life you dream of. When you are stuck in an unhappy point in your life, it’s because you’re not heeding the call from your intuition to grow from one phase of awakening to the next.

Finding your purpose

You came to this life with the instructions for what you are here to do inside of you. It is your job to discover those instructions and the meaning of your life so that you live the life you were meant for. Your intuition holds the key to discovering this purpose within you. An astrological reading of your life purpose will help point you in the right direction on this journey of discovery. As you follow your intuition you eventually come to realize that you are a spiritual being having an experience of being human and living in a body.

The more you allow your intuition to guide you the more your consciousness expands and the more empowered you will be to create the life you dream of.  This is why it’s important to understand the four levels of spiritual awakening and how intuition is the springboard from one level to the next.

The 4 levels of spiritual awakening.

1. Phase one: Asleep

In the first phase you live life from a victim perspective. Things happen in your life and you think, “Why does this always happen to me?” You blame others and your circumstances for the things that happen to you. You share your victim story over and over. Your life revolves around being “poor me.” You have no clue that you are capable of changing how you think. Your thoughts are in control of you instead of you being in control of your thoughts.

You receive sympathy from listeners for what you’ve been through and that perpetuates living life as a victim. It doesn’t occur to you to look for the meaning behind what has happened or how your thinking or behavior might have played a part in creating the upset in your life. You are not in touch with your intuition but every once in a while you feel a stirring inside and the thought occurs to you that there must be something more.

2. Phase two: Just waking-up

In phase two you begin waking up. You now hear your intuition more often. Coincidences occur with regularity and you begin to see how you are part of something bigger. You discover that you can choose your thoughts and don’t have to let your them take your life hostage. By managing what you focus upon you learn that you can create things in your life. Now you begin to see that you have more control over life than you were previously aware of in phase one.

You use your mind to get the mate you desire, car you want, the job you want, the house you want, etc.

And for a time you feel like a master of the universe until something happens that sinks you to your knees. Now you are being tested.

Do you revert back to phase one and react like a victim or do you make another leap in consciousness and grow? This is a critical point. Many vacillate here, going back and forth between phase one and two for their entire lives.

Getting past phase two is where lots of people get stuck.

To go beyond phase two you must grow in consciousness to accept that you are the captain of your ship. You need to know and believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that your life is the visible out-picturing of your choices and beliefs up to that point. You must make the leap in consciousness to realize that you choose by your thinking, everything in your life both good and bad. You must begin to listen to those intuitive whispers from the soul and allow them to guide you in order to grow.

3.  Phase three: Awake

In phase three you become permanently aware that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your intuition has led you to discover your purpose. Your intuition is loud and clear and you’ve gained  great faith in this powerful voice to always be there to guide you.

You know that there is more to life than you can see with the eye and that there is a purpose and meaning for your life. You live with the joy of knowing that you are a creator!

You feel empowered that you can do and be and have anything. You see life as a force working for you not against you. While you still encounter problems, no matter what happens there is an unshakeable confidence and peace inside that carries you over difficulties. You never feel alone because your connection to guidance through your intuition is now so strong.

When you do experience challenges, they are far fewer and resolved much more quickly.  And you are now more capable of dealing with problems without being emotionally entrapped by the circumstances. You now recognize your innate power and live from a place of making awakened choices.

The fears that held you back in the past are gone. A continuous joy bubbles up from within you and you want to share this joy with others. You love your life. You feel a strong desire to be of service and to help lift others from where they are to where you are.

4. Phase four: Fully awakened

In this highest phase you don’t just know intellectually that you are a spiritual being, you are the embodiment of it. You see all things as possible. Your intuition is a seamless part of your being from which you receive one inspired idea after another. You live from a state of enlightened awareness of the oneness and interconnectedness of life. You are at peace and nothing disturbs this peace. You exude love and your mere presence is healing to others.

This state may be one that you have had brief moments of though and having had one taste you will want to experience it again. If you are lucky enough to reach this state and stay there you are highly evolved.

This is probably not where you are in consciousness and it is certainly not where I am either. But if you can’t get past phase two there’s little chance of ever reaching phase four anyway. The critical element in not getting stuck in an endless loop between phase one and phase two is to listen to your intuition so that you grow into phase three where you are creating your life by design and not by default.