Saul via John Smallman: The Way Out of This Exhausting and Repetitious Cycle is to Let Go of All Your Defenses

Openhearted Rebellion

SaulSaul: The Way Out of This Exhausting and Repetitious Cycle is to Let Go of All Your Defenses, as channeled by John Smallman, May 28, 2014 – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

The all inclusive and integrated oneness of God and all that He creates is becoming impossible for humanity to remain unaware of. Modern physics has made it abundantly clear that everything is connected to everything else! There is no separation; separation is an illusion that you have believed in and which has brought you much pain, but it is unreal.

Because you believed in it you were fearful and felt the need to protect yourselves against others by building defenses – sarcasm, wit, humor, dismissal, judgment, and attack. Protection, defense, and attack are all reactions to your fear, the state that your apparent separation encourages you to believe in, but to engage with them is…

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Isis Ra: Spiritual Healing

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Isis Ra, The Galactic Free Press.

I wanted to write a short message because I have noticed this so frequently lately. The only person you can heal is yourself!

So many people claim they are these special spiritual healers, when in fact it is impossible for one person to heal another. Now to clarify, helping another person heal is very different from healing them. I can build you a boat and hand you the oars, but you have to figure out how to row it on your own.

While that’s not the best analogy, I’m sure you get the point. Instead of having power over, we need to have power with. Part of that means understanding that we all have the power to heal our own selves, and while it may take longer without the help of others, it is still true. Being a “healer” or an…

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