Dream 25 May 2014: Meeting with my guides and ET friends


Picture 2014 copyrigthed by Liesbeth Swenne

Before I went to sleep, I was holding my crystal and I focused upon the word ‘Atlantis”

In the first dream I was back again at my parents place, apartment. But now I am in the hallway and I meet up with a sweet lady who is going to help me with my pains. She looks a lot like Lisa Gawlas. Our hallway have two sections, the first one when you com in and find your self in front of a closed double glass doorway. She puts a chair in the first section of the doorway and starts to meditate and suddenly she divided herself in 2 more of herself. The second one starts to play the flute and the third one holds a special stick/wand. Next to the first meditating woman, next to her sits her younger self. The third one pushes the wand into my belly were the pain is (since last week I have been really sick , having belly aches and terrible back aches) and I feel the pain rumbling down , almost disappearing. I feel so wonderful without the pains I have had.

Suddenly the hallway is filled with other guides and I am so happy to see them. Some of them I recognize the face, and they all there, the energies were so wonderful and the real factor seems very real.

The dream changes and I am working somewhere were I am healing people. I was just doing the last paperwork before I would be off, but someone is approaching me asking for help. I am a bit reluctant as I wanted to go home, but this person leads me to another room.

There is a lady on the stretcher and she is really hurt. The person who lead me to her also helps me to get her better. He reveals a secret and the people around me are changing into extraterrestrials, the look different , with colors and long arms. They came specifically to me cause they know I could help.



Dream 22 May 2014: Star Trek

As I was standing in the living-room of my parents apartment, I happen to look out of the window and saw the belly of the Star Ship. I saw that the ship was heading for trouble and soon will be crashing. So I was heading out to my (old) bedroom where the kids were playing.

Before I could reach them I saw the ship crash and a white/blue flash came and after that the shock waves that hit me hard. But I kept on going towards the bedroom to rescue my kids. I finally got in to the bedroom , picked up my kids and hide in the bathroom. I prayed that my husband was alright.