The Water-Colors of Your Life.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


The inhale, the exhale.  I think, for myself, the last day of this energy influx I spent it and the days following it, taking a deep inhale, going deep within my own silence.  It really dawned on me yesterday what has happened in my own self and no doubt, many of you too.

The last reading of the day on the 16th was with a precious soul in New Zealand who was already into the next day, the morning of the 17th.  Her connection started happening a good 30 minutes before our appointment time, I could see this amazing rain coming into the entire field, large, white and yellow rain drops, shaped like tear drops, raining everywhere.  The pure energy coming in with it was… incredible to say the least.  I could not wait to get connected to her to see what this was all about.

I should have realized…

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