Rock Solid On The New Earth…

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Every day feels like an incredible treasure hunt.  You being the treasure chest, me being the snoopy one rummaging thru your treasures.  Thank you for being so open, so willing to share the gifts of your soul with all of us.

My first treasure to kick off the day is someone who attends and participates in every soul gym.  I start with that statement, just to reinforce when I say I can be slow on the uptake, my goodness I am so not kidding.

At first, I was kinda worried because I could not see anything out in her created field of life.  Then, with my own soul guidance, I pulled my vision in closer, to the area that is just outside my back door.  The area that I also call due East, new beginnings, the spring of our lives.  There she was on a partially visuable bright yellow arched…

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