Genele Boyce: The Chuck-It List

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cutmypic(1) Steve Beckow : Genele is a Seattle Intuitive and Transformational Life Coach. I suppose I just chucked a great deal, proving the value of what Genele says here. (1)

The Chuck-It List

by Genele Boyce, Heartmind Life, May 1, 2014 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

The other night, while having dinner with a friend, the subject came up of bucket lists, along with my friend’s palpable disdain for them. Suddenly he announced, in his usual witty way, “I’m not interested in bucket lists, I’ve created my own personalized chuck-it list.”

This, of course created a direct hit to my funny bone. Unable to contain my laughter, he continued, “ No I’m serious, I’m interested in what I can do today that makes my life better so I’ve started making lists of those things I cannot stand to do any more or ways of being that no longer serve…

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