Dream 17 May 2014: A Starship Visit?



Before I went to sleep I expressed my intention to visit the star ships of my star sisters and brothers. Even though I don’t remember visiting there are some clues found in the dream. Also I don’t remember much of the dream either. So if someone has a clue…please share.   😀

I am wanted by the police and they are chasing me. (Don’t know what I am wanted for) So I was chased by the police and find myself in the city, standing in front of a very tall glass skyscraper. My kids are inside and I go inside to protect them. They are very small and put them in a size of a toothpaste box to keep them save and put them on a ledge.

Just for a moment my perceptions changes and find myself in the toothpaste box with a little window cut out. I am yelling for help.

Again I am standing in the hallway and I see a lady and I ask her to save my children as I lead the police away from them. I get caught and they are taking out the handcuffs, but they look funny and flat. So no handcuffs and the police turn into extra-terrestrials and they take me up the ship (from here everything gets blank as I find myself in the same building again)

Now I look outside and my kids are now so big that the thousands of people that are there, look very tiny and my kids are lying on their backs and the crowd was passing them through. That was a very mighty sight.


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