Dream 12 May 2014: Heavenly Experience


This the moment in the dream where I saw myself two times from different angles.

I find myself in it seems heaven, or it feels that way. It feels amazing. I find myself standing on clouds and there seems to be a mirror effect as I can see myself standing in heavenly light. It appears I am quite younger there, around 20 years old. The light that exists out of different sets of light; there is yellow, orange/pink and white light, it reminds me of my safe place. There is a path going to her.

Now I find myself in those little bumper cars that you use when there is a fair and it is riding on some train tracks around this scene above. So as we go around, I am now 39 years old and I see myself standing 26 years old looking at me in the heavenly light, 20 years old.

– Believe me, this felt very strange to see myself split up in different ages. It seems like a have an out of body experience and at the same time a dimensional experience. –

I find myself in the hospital, lying on a stretcher and a lot of medical staff that are trying to save my life. They push a breathing tube through my throat, but as I was coming around I started to make funny noises as I was trying to breath. They take it out very quick.

The dream changes and I find myself looking after myself as a toddler.

But not for long as I find myself again in the hospital, in a round hospital room and it appears that there is a guard in front of my door. Then the guard receives a phone call and he steps into the staircase and because he doesn’t look at my door and I see my change to leave.


6 responses to “Dream 12 May 2014: Heavenly Experience

  1. Hi Lisa it seems you are beginning to intergrate the other threads of your souls past experiences. For me I have a feeling of floating between worlds neither here nor there but I am aware that my body is separating which is a very strange feeling like it is expanding at some level to make room for all that I am. It is usually accompanied with dizzyness and nausia along with a sense of disconnection to everything around me which lasts for a few hours. This has happened twice in the past month.
    Much love Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne, yes that is right, I seem to catch up with my past lives. Yesterday I went to a talk about finding out my past lives, oh boy… I got more that I bargained for. I will explain to everyone in a mail, but this past live isn’t a pretty one.

      Love lisa

      • sounds interesting cant wait 🙂 hope all is well with the family much love and hugs. Suzanne

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