Dream 8 May 2014 : Come Home

come home

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


Some friends and I are building a school for children who have special gifts. We are renovating an old monastery. A big truck comes with a lot of broken stuff but we don’t care as we can fix it as good as new. We are in the section of were the girls will be staying, the walls are pink and in every room there is a bunk bed.

Then we come together in the lobby of the new school and we got a speech from our new school director (it feels like it is Troy). He also tells us to be careful not to get lost in this very big building.

I find myself now in a big room with big windows and I am looking out on a beautiful landscape. I concentrate myself on the sky and suddenly out of nowhere I see a lot of planes flying into my direction. Also I find out that I can control them with my mind and that I can let them fly in certain patterns. And they keep on coming and coming and my friends asking where these planes are coming from.

For a while I found myself working in the school and one of my friends was coming to get me as. We are going to the big room again and now I see small water vortexes swirling around across the window. Something was going on as we saw that the whole landscape was covered with snow. Snow in Spring.

Again we are standing in the lobby of the school welcoming new students with gifted talents.

After I woke up from the dream I heard voice saying ‘COME HOME’ and a feeling of longing came over me.

I fell asleep and was dreaming again of the school but now I was the student there.

5 responses to “Dream 8 May 2014 : Come Home

  1. Thank you so so so much for this reminding. Otherwise, all the chaos that happened to me this week just blew me away from these precious trespasses !!! Besides, I feel somehow that I were there, too ?!

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