Dream 7 May 2014

Source picture: www.dominica-weekly.com

There was a contest to take as much clothes as you want from the clotheslines and then it would be yours. So I see a lot of people grabbing clothes, also me I have a pile of clothes next to my feet. But then I don’t feel so good so I have to lie down onto the grass. I can’t breathe and feel like I am going to die. The people around me were also thinking I was dying, but instead of helping me, they ran to my pile of clothes to take them. I stood up and chased them away, that it was no manners to do this.

I lie down again and I am feeling worse. A man comes along and tells me he can help me heal. He performs a kind of exorcism and I feel myself floating in the air and saying such horrible words without my control in a very low voice.  I speak in a language I never heard off.

I frighten me so that I woke up and called in the help of my guides and angels, even GOD. It was really a terrible feeling.

After that I fall asleep again and had following dream.

I find myself in a hotel room with other people. There is a lady and a man. The lady is a healer and she wants to help me. She is specialised in what I am going through. We leave the room and we end up in the parking lot of the Hotel and we see some people that are cleaning.

The dream takes me back in the hotel room and the lady is sitting on a chair at a small table. She takes a spell out of her spell book and spell is covered by some gold and copper metal. It looks very beautiful.  This spell should work to help me heal.

We all go together to the lobby of the hotel and we are planning not to pay for our stay. But suddenly a lot of people get into the lobby, like some party was going on. We finally got outside and into the garden and I sit on the grass in the shadow. I am holding an advertising flyer of this lady that is helping me to heal. I see she comes from France.

Then I see a shadow on the hotel wall that changes from hands into big claws getting bigger and bigger. Then I see a crossing between a gargoyle and a dragon with moss green skin coming towards me.  We all start running (but as always in dreams, it seems you can hardly move) but the dragon reaches us in no time. But then I recognized that this dragon is not going to hurt me but is a facet of me. I let go and hug the dragon. Then I see a young boy floating and flying in the air and I want that too. So there I go, I start to float and then I started to fly. I see first people starring at us, but then the green park changes into a big arena with hundreds of thousands of people and the sun was shining on them and it was so colourful to see, I started flying towards them and… my alarm woke me up.

After I woke up I realised that the healing lady that was coming from France, was actual Feilla who helped me. So thanks my dear friend.

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