A journey to the light: Feilla’s Story (2013)

All pictures are copyrighted by Feilla. She made those pictures during her journey of light.

(*PD =Paranormal Detector. As I writing the story some words came.)

Everybody is on a different path, but this is a journey of a woman, who courageously ( PD*1515) went on a journey to the light.

This journey started when I saw a similar picture of the hanging garden of Marqueyssac in South-West of France as the one Feilla took below. And I could feel an exciting and at the same time a mysterious feeling coming from this picture.


©2013 Feilla

There is some history about these gardens.

 The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac are unique gardens suspended high above the Dordogne River on a rocky outcrop. They are set in the grounds of the 17th century Chateau de Marqueyssac and are classified among the Notable Gardens of France by the Committee of Parks and Gardens of the French Ministry of Culture.

Read more on : http://www.everythingdordogne.net/Marqueyssac_Gardens.html


This was also the moment I got a nudge from my guides with following message: “ Hi Feilla, on this journey you just have to be open and let anything happen. Be in a meditative state and let all emotions and feeling go through you. This journey will unlock your heart. Don’t hold back on to them as you are clearing, if any, some karma from previous lives.”

Also the word cleansing was provided by my guides. It was also important that she bring here crystals to this journey. My surprise was that as I sent out this mail to her, I got a mail from her saying that she felt guided to bring her crystals along this journey. And as this journey unfolds, this kind of telepathic knowing between us, got only stronger as you read on.

I also saw Feilla waiting for the train and saw her protected/guided by a golden light/presence/aura. She mentioned to me that when she was taking the train, she saw 1414 and 414 many times.


1414 or 414:Angel Number 414


Feilla’s Journey and our connection during this wonderful transformation.

29 October 2013: Matignoc – Lascaux II


©2013 Feilla

As the synchronization is building up, I sent a mail again to my sweet sister with following guidance. I didn’t know then how true these words were.

“Hi My sweet Feilla, I just want to send this message to you before you go. As a message from me and from my guides. ‘when you are on a spiritual journey let the stars in the sky guide you and may your heart be filled with joy and light on this journey you are about to take.’  Keep well my sister because after every rain cloud there is a sunshine and a rainbow.”

Taken from the song, the wizard of Oz ‘somewhere over the rainbow, where skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true’.  Have a save journey, will be watching over you.

Update from Feilla about above message: My dearest angel, without you, how could this journey be possible. I still not told you that the second night during that trip, following your guide, I didn’t miss the extremely beautiful starry sky.  (PD* police)

This is Feilla’s recall of events.

I started my journey on the morning of the 29th of October 2013. At last, I decided to bring my computer for this trip. Your mail is the first one that I read when entering the room of my hotel. My dearest sister, I cannot but wonder who you are/were to me??? You’ve always be able to sense me so well in such an incredible way!!!

You know you just sensed EXACTLY WHAT I SAW today on my way to climb to the mount where Lascaux II is located!!!!!! I took the pictures of the rainbow, even DOUBLE RAINBOWS under the RAIN CLOUD. It’s so so so eccentric that it was a SUNNY DAY before I arrived on the foot of this mountain. But when I started to climb this mountain, it started to drizzle and it just fell from the “cloud” above me, only that cloud. When I turned back to where I had just passed a few minutes ago, I saw exactly a rainbow where it looked so Sunny.

When finishing the visit of Lascaux II, the rain in fact has stopped for at least one and half hours. But when getting off the site, the rain started again and got very heavy. Almost arriving the foot of the mountain, I saw the rainbow again, no, in fact double rainbows. It was weird that the rain stopped when I just arrived the foot of this mount. So if felt exactly that the rain cloud was following me !!! (stalking cloud)

So….you just brought the message which corresponds perfectly what I was experiencing with this 3D physical body. Of course, I know it’s not only so…it’s also something like an omen or a sign.



30 October 2013: The hanging garden of Marqueyssac


©2013 Feilla


This the moment we were waiting for. The gardens and the spiritual transformation. And yes, synchronization still happens during this wonderful journey.

I leave this up to you Feilla to tell this amazing transitional journey. (PD* found)


©2013 Feilla

At the moment when writing this sentence, it’s already the beginning of the 30th of October. This is the day when I will fulfil that mission to the gardens. The most difficulty for this journey is that it is a holiday here and there is no bus at all. So there are still some challenges for me to get to the hanging garden of Marqueyssac and to go the next place from that garden. I’ve asked the ‘Masters’ for help, bringing me more luck, to see more miracles on this day.

Your message here to me is a giant encouragement. You just gave me such a lovely confirmation that I’ve been guarded, and guided!!!

It’s indeed not an easy journey at all and I could finally be there after overcoming lots of difficulties and being brought the miracles. Being there, I almost cried. I’m sure the Masters were looking after all this course, so I got a very good occasion to be alone in the garden, meditating and connecting with you all tranquilly without any worry. So being in that garden, I tried to do connection with you all, holding the crystals in my hands.

Since I had successively been given two swords during our connection two days before my departure, I tried to connect with AA Michael. I asked AA Michael’s guide to fulfil something with the swords that HE handed me.  I was meditating cutting off something, including my negative memory about my past lives (both in other and this incarnations in France) with them.

During the course, I felt the energy /electricity circulating between my crystals and my hands. Nevertheless, I did feel my transformation/transmutation during this journey.


©2013 Feilla

In the course of the journey I has sent a picture to her that made an amazing synchronization again of what she experienced that day.

I really cannot imagine how you can capture this second picture from a Chinese video ??? Again, you just amazed me with not only one impacts !!! You know the four characters 傷痛之心 on the top-right, are the authentic/traditional Chinese characters, which means the heart which hurts ; where the ones under the screen, 惟有「雨林之魂」,才能挽救生靈(灵:simplified character)涂碳, which says, “only the soul of the rain forest” can save the lives from suffering/falling into the mire. During the trip, just soon after leaving that hanging garden, the first place where I visited is the very “raining forest!!!!!!” My dear sister, you really cannot imagine how affected I’m for what you have brought to me. How happy/lucky I’ve been to have your guide & rescue !!!

In the shop of Goffre Proumeyssac, also called the Crystal Cathedral, I brought one selenite crystal and one Aventurine. Since I had to leave soon, going to the Prehistoric museum, I had no time to consider but just chose immediately the ones I wanted. I knew Selenite before this journey, and had thought to get one for quite a period of time. So when seeing it, I got so excited and knew why my intuition had led me here. The crystals sold in that shop are so pure and energetic.

I in fact didn’t realize this kind of stone is the heart chakra stone. When getting this, it occurred to me what Lisa had just reminded me that this journey is going to unlock my heart !!!


The end of the journey. 31 October 2013: Font de Gaume


©2013 Feilla

On the morning of the 31st, being in the cave of “le font d Gaume,” my beloved sister, YOU, Lisa just came to my mind,  and I tried to send you the images that I saw there.

So I would continue the log about what I saw in the last day of my journey. It’s the cave “Font de Gaume,” which has prehistoric polychrome cave paintings and engravings dating to the Magdalenian period. I cried there not only once….for the sensation that I cannot describe at all. Being in such a “definitely sanctuary” and “the best tour guide that I’ve ever listened to in my life, and the enthusiasm, humanitarian spirit and professional skills of the concerned archaeologists and experts.



Back home. After the journey.


I just arrived home, finishing the mission that I was so impatient to fulfill. I do feel my transformation/transmutation in not only one aspect, but in many aspects, thanks to you!!! I seem to have difficulty to bring my mind back to the urban life after this marvelous journey.

The two words, Thank You, are not enough at all for me to express my gratitude!!! People there are so kind that I felt so healed. My heart hence gets much opener. Besides, another miracle that encourages me so…this journey also healed my biological sister and opened her heart, mending well our relationship in an incredible way.

After coming back to Paris, I do feel a big transformation. Particularly, owing to the coming eclipse, both my headaches and dizziness cause the difficulty of writing. As so many things were suspended during my journey, now I’m still attempting to adapt to the new state or to articulate/connect with some old and new things.




Dream 8 May 2014 : Come Home

come home

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


Some friends and I are building a school for children who have special gifts. We are renovating an old monastery. A big truck comes with a lot of broken stuff but we don’t care as we can fix it as good as new. We are in the section of were the girls will be staying, the walls are pink and in every room there is a bunk bed.

Then we come together in the lobby of the new school and we got a speech from our new school director (it feels like it is Troy). He also tells us to be careful not to get lost in this very big building.

I find myself now in a big room with big windows and I am looking out on a beautiful landscape. I concentrate myself on the sky and suddenly out of nowhere I see a lot of planes flying into my direction. Also I find out that I can control them with my mind and that I can let them fly in certain patterns. And they keep on coming and coming and my friends asking where these planes are coming from.

For a while I found myself working in the school and one of my friends was coming to get me as. We are going to the big room again and now I see small water vortexes swirling around across the window. Something was going on as we saw that the whole landscape was covered with snow. Snow in Spring.

Again we are standing in the lobby of the school welcoming new students with gifted talents.

After I woke up from the dream I heard voice saying ‘COME HOME’ and a feeling of longing came over me.

I fell asleep and was dreaming again of the school but now I was the student there.

Dream 7 May 2014

Source picture: www.dominica-weekly.com

There was a contest to take as much clothes as you want from the clotheslines and then it would be yours. So I see a lot of people grabbing clothes, also me I have a pile of clothes next to my feet. But then I don’t feel so good so I have to lie down onto the grass. I can’t breathe and feel like I am going to die. The people around me were also thinking I was dying, but instead of helping me, they ran to my pile of clothes to take them. I stood up and chased them away, that it was no manners to do this.

I lie down again and I am feeling worse. A man comes along and tells me he can help me heal. He performs a kind of exorcism and I feel myself floating in the air and saying such horrible words without my control in a very low voice.  I speak in a language I never heard off.

I frighten me so that I woke up and called in the help of my guides and angels, even GOD. It was really a terrible feeling.

After that I fall asleep again and had following dream.

I find myself in a hotel room with other people. There is a lady and a man. The lady is a healer and she wants to help me. She is specialised in what I am going through. We leave the room and we end up in the parking lot of the Hotel and we see some people that are cleaning.

The dream takes me back in the hotel room and the lady is sitting on a chair at a small table. She takes a spell out of her spell book and spell is covered by some gold and copper metal. It looks very beautiful.  This spell should work to help me heal.

We all go together to the lobby of the hotel and we are planning not to pay for our stay. But suddenly a lot of people get into the lobby, like some party was going on. We finally got outside and into the garden and I sit on the grass in the shadow. I am holding an advertising flyer of this lady that is helping me to heal. I see she comes from France.

Then I see a shadow on the hotel wall that changes from hands into big claws getting bigger and bigger. Then I see a crossing between a gargoyle and a dragon with moss green skin coming towards me.  We all start running (but as always in dreams, it seems you can hardly move) but the dragon reaches us in no time. But then I recognized that this dragon is not going to hurt me but is a facet of me. I let go and hug the dragon. Then I see a young boy floating and flying in the air and I want that too. So there I go, I start to float and then I started to fly. I see first people starring at us, but then the green park changes into a big arena with hundreds of thousands of people and the sun was shining on them and it was so colourful to see, I started flying towards them and… my alarm woke me up.

After I woke up I realised that the healing lady that was coming from France, was actual Feilla who helped me. So thanks my dear friend.

Dream 4 May 2014 : Changing Dimensions

soul body

Before I went to sleep I had the strangest feeling that came in waves and waves. I knew then something big was happening. The room didn’t feel as usual as it became bigger and bigger. I felt myself going bigger and bigger and instead of going into fear and told myself to go with the flow.  The dimensions change; I felt my spirit going across this dimension bridge, merging with this androgen spirit, which was also a facet of me.  I really felt like I was an engineer on this super big mother ship. I felt like I was one with the ship and I just could see in my mind if there was something out of balance I could fix  it.  Then the waves are coming and coming and kept on coming and felt myself ascend. Again the room got bigger and bigger and I got hotter and hotter. My whole body was so hot.

In the dream I found myself standing in a landscape were there was lot of ruins and we captured one of the big bad gods in stone and put the feet in concrete, surround by bullet proof glass. But this bad god managed to break free but I can stop him from escaping, by pressing a button.

The dream changes and I just came back from a big trip (probably to the mother ship) and I meet some people and friends who asked me to go on a shorter trip. So I find myself packing my bags again. (PD Orange) This was the first in ever that I felt that I am going to ascend as a family.


PD (Paranormal Detector)