The Headwinds of Change Accelerating and/or Tweaking Your Life Stream!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

winds of change

I was kind of surprised yesterday when I heard my team say that thru the night time of May 5th (5-5) a “strong headwind was released.”  I only heard that because of my query of what the hell us up with this day.  I had the hardest time falling asleep on the 5th, woke up with molasses oozing thru my brain and body, feeling life every movement, every thought was a struggle to move thru.  Then I created a little bitch-fest for myself when my first connection arrived and I couldn’t see jack squat.  Hey!!  But what my second reading arrived, I could see just fine… not much, but what I could see was clear as day.  Then my third was, nuttin.  This is when I just got plain ole frustrated and started bitching to anyone listening.  That’s when the clarity of what was happening arrived and I turned from…

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