The Living Christ, May 1st and the “Fully Functional New Earth.”

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Talk about a day when the gifts keep on coming.  The shine back of this amazing solar eclipse thru each connection of the day, had every cell in my body throwing an information and Ohhhhh…. ah-ha! party.

The first connection of the day, there she was, standing in the light of her expanding glow, and suddenly this spinning energy funnel of white-yellow-gold light appeared just to the left of her left foot.  This funnel started out about 4 feet tall and at its widest opening at the top, maybe the size of a basketball.  As I locked my vision onto her funnel, we got a little time lapsed imagery with it and the revelation just blew my mind wide open!!

Over the next two days (from yesterday morning thru sleep time tonight (the last day of April) her spinning funnel vortex thingie started to get wider, to encompass the left…

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