Biological Changes As The Soul Binds to Our Biology!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

soul body

Phew baby!!  It has been both a rough and wild in this here body the last several days, talk about duality!!  I have never felt so damn good and so damn bad all at the same time!!  One thing is for sure, I learned so much about the new body needs thru it all.   Our bodies are going to be the main focus for today, from this crazy first person perspective.  And a great thanx to my own personal body for sharing a much larger understanding than I have ever had before.

I hit menopause the same time this precious world of our did too, October of last year.  Menopause, a change of life.  At that time, all I could think of was; thank god no more periods!!  I have bled for 40 years, I have sooooo looked forward to this change in venue in my body for a…

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