15 April 2014: Travel Dimensions

Portal to other dimensions. Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

Portal to other dimensions. Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


I was in a room with friends and I showed them a drawing of a blue lady saying that I met her again and this is how she looked like.

The dream locates me now on the second floor of a house and I am looking down on a round market place surrounded by houses. Feilla, Tauno and me where looking for our friend Troy. He had disappeared and we couldn’t find him.Then Tauno also disappears. Feilla and me are looking over the balcony and we see snow now on the market place. For some reason Feilla falls over the balcony and I am trying to grab her but I missed. When I looked over the balcony I see Feilla floating in mid-air, or it seems that way. It seems she was hold in place by an invisible force field. Then this force field opened into a portal and Feilla falls into it. I jump after her and we both are sucked into this portal that spits us out in a sort cave room. There is where we met Troy again and he shows us a lot of amazing things.

Now I find myself in the mall and they were playing music. The music is so compelling that I start to breakdance. I am so good at it that I started to get a crowd.

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