Dreamflight 12/13 April 2014: Transformation

O connection 16 a


Copyright by Liesbeth Swenne

Before I went to sleep I stated I wanted to do some work on my ship Blaze as well hit the healingpods.

I was underway with my friends to a very private ceremony somewhere in India, were we knew we weren’t invited but we wanted to try anyway. My friends (I don’t now names), a man and a woman (she had black half short hair). They were travelling in their car and I was traveling in my car. We drove up a driveway that was going into a curve and ended up in a three way road driveway all leading to different locations. My friends drove in front of me but when I turned the curve I didn’t see which driveway/location they went in. So I get out of the car and I yell ‘ where are you guys?” I hear my friends yell back that they are at the left side of me. Before I can go back into my car a police car stops in front of me, with their police lights on. They say I am trespassing and not allowed on the ceremony.

They arrest me and take me down to the police station. There I’ve been put in a room and they threaten me not to go there anymore, they even torture me. After this they just let me go and I am re-united with my friends again. They picked me up in their car and as I sit in the back of the car, a Chinese Holy man appears out of nothing. I can’t remember what he was saying but I had the impression that I had to go to the ceremony because ‘you are the ONE(ness)”

Of course we don’t listen and somehow I am holding a yellow ticket strip to get into the ceremony. There were a lot of people and a lot of security people. They let us through and we are in. We come upon a sort of theatre with a just a few stone benches and in the front is a long wall with food offerings and on top is a ledge with candles. On the candles were picture of holy men and one of them resembles the man I saw in the car. I offered some peas.

Now I am back in a room with curved glass windows on my right side. I am surrounded with almost the same people (different people but with the same energy signature as the police people) and the lady leader asked me what I was doing here. I showed them and levitated something in the air. She told me to stop and not to do it here as eyes were watching. She sends out her bodyguards with guns to secure the premises. They all walk out and I am left with some of the ladies. Now I showed them how I can levitate a thing and transform it at the same into something else.

The room changes and I am sitting now in front of a curved desk and behind it where police people. Apparently it feels like I am in a courtroom and next to me is a girl that conspires with them. She put some grey creamy stuff against the wall of the desk and also sticks a bracelet to it. I can feel they are powerful spells. I cleaned quickly the grey stuff and put on the bracelet. They see it but it is to late because this spell was blank (owner) and now it protects me very well.

I wake up out of this dream and had instantly a vision of being in that ceremony again to choose. I feel they choose me and I see them planting a seed of a gift in my chest, in my heart. It beams out a strong light out and it goes through my whole body and I feel so amazing. Wow what a feeling. I heard the words that I received another talent/gift. I feel my whole body is transmitting white light.

I fell asleep again and I am been met with a beautiful and powerful woman (Selina?) who is going to help me to use this new gift. We are doing a session to come in contact with a new being. I see a long black block with blue, looking like Chinese characters, and she asked me if this was the being I wanted to come in contact with. I confirm and it suddenly triggers something as I begin to write those characters.




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