Dream 11 April  2014: The Golden Tree

 the gatekeeperThis painting is copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

I was growing a beautiful big golden tree, that grows bigger and bigger. It shined so bright and behind this tree was a beautiful green/blue wall with Indian patterns. Wow it looked so amazingly beautiful. This golden tree gives life and energy (light).

I am now in a very grey looking landscape and I am standing there with my kids. In front of us is a ruin of a house. Suddenly a storm comes up and we are forced to get into the abandoned house. As we run inside the house some bricks come down and blocking our way out of the house. Now we are stuck and we sit against a big grey cement wall and it is cold and dark. I hold my kids very tight to me.  Then on my right suddenly a big group of people come through the door. They are dressed like in the very old days; black clothing with white, even the children and they all look very scary. They are singing a song and holding candles in their hands and they are coming after us. I felt it was not safe to stay there and then out of nowhere a man came and ask to follow him. The feeling I had from him was a good one so we followed.

It seems we entered another realm because we now in a nice neighborhood with white houses, green lawns and white fences and wooden garden doors that lead to the gardens. Those creepy people are still after us and he tells us to hide behind those wooden garden doors. My kids were already behind them. I still have to find a place to hide behind. I tumble into a garden and hide behind a wall of bushes. But the owner of that garden was standing there watering his plants. Then I see a small group coming towards me. One woman is holding a big blue lighted stick and she sees me behind those bushes. She tries to poke me with this stick that apparently has a lot of electricity in it.  But then the man that was in the garden rescues me but he pays it with his life.

Those people are gone and I feel so bad that I take this man to a hospital hoping that they can rescue him. I did this because he saved my live. But they manage to save his life only he couldn’t remember his old life anymore. I see him walking on the streets with ragged clothes and he was dirty. But I also see a ghost cop and I think he is the person who saved me and the kids in the beginning of the dream. I see those people again trying to find us and the ghost policemen is growing big plants with white flowers to get them off our trail and to protects us. The plants create a wall. After this dream I woke up and had a vision of a pink river flowing by.

5 responses to “Dream 11 April  2014: The Golden Tree

  1. My dearest sister : you just not only shocked me….I cannot but want to give you a big big hug !!! I hope I can tell you more about this….I do need time !!!

  2. Wow…can’t even begin to interpret this one. But the pink river…what comes to mind is “the river of compassion”. Pink is the color of compassion and unconditional love.

    • Hi Aphrodite, yes my dreams always have a lot of details. Sometimes I remember and sometimes when I wake up they just fade away as quickly as they came. Also when I wake up in the middle of the night and I still can remember my dreams, I repeat them until it get’s stuck in my head. I still now a some dreams without looking into my book, and remember them clearly as my first dream I could remember when I was 6, I still can see it in my mind. Thanks for the information about the pink river, that is really amazing. I think maybe a river of love and compassion is overflowing the earth right now.

      Love Lisa

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