Dream 1 April 2014: A dream in a dream

Lakshmi the goddess of Light,beauty and good fortune and wealth. She also signifies love and grace.

Source picture: fabsinfo.com

I am walking in a room and the room has an orange glow to it. On my left I see a half woman stuck in the wall. She looks like Lakshmi, Mother Earth/Tree and her many arms are roots of a tree that grows. She has a golden shine to her and I feel we share the same DNA, same faith. I see black tar trying to creep into the tree, into Mother Tree, but she won’t allow it. I feel I am going to go the same way, I feel like I am pulled into that wall.

Then Selina is there and she takes me into dream in a dream where I can explore where my fears and so coming from. I see myself riding on a bike… (Then I don’t remember but know that after that I felt exhausted. Maybe I was working through my past?) After this therapy, Selina picks me up and lay me down in something soft and comfortable.

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