City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: April 3, 2014 – A Divine Done Deal…Now!

Stephen: When we were in Sedona for the 2012 Scenario Conference, Genii and I instantly bonded. Later, she confessed to me that her guides had told her that the second City of Light was going to be in Australia, making us ‘forever friends’, as she calls us. I’ve since seen this city and all its breathtaking beauty during a major breathwork session. However, as far as I can recall, this is the first time ‘they’ have publicly revealed this.

City of Light Update:  A Divine Done Deal … Now!, as received by Genii Townsend, April 3, 2014 –

Genii:  Guidance message please – any topic even from my Galactic Guide YA.. (Ya-Fu-Fuss) with any City of Light report please.

YA: “YA here!… the YA space Emorgy (energy) comes into mental sound for the Genii who looks for answers to unknown questions. Thus the YA teacher fills the unknown.

The City rises out of the nothingness of the unseen. It, in your language, has been a major accomplishment. Even for us in the outer realms of your unseen dimension. But by now, your current day is certainly a facade masquerading as a sunny day, normally to be spent. However, behind this curtain of a staged normal day, action is taking place for the event of any century previous. As the Genii says quite often. “It’s all God’s Show Business!”

This awesome production SPECTACULAR, even NOW in process for the appearance of the 2nd City to be in Australia is in process. But at this moment, we are looking to see and understand the first to come forth in the 3/d physical for it will, with God at the helm. This is such God news.

Your patience must last a bit longer (which most humans have very little of) and going into the higher levels, you have the level of Now, which you may be missing the energy behind known as Now;; for it is expected (right this very second) when it is the ‘Now’ as the final energy bringing it forward into vision.

Being in the Now, is not your so-called ‘bad’, for anything to be is achieved in the Now, as no time exists. It is only in the timelessness that all appears. Anything you do is ‘in the moment’. There is nothing else in this Divine hologram that you find your designs and makes things come to pass.

In the Now, you see the finality of the quest and when one is in the Now, the Emorgy is swift to respond as it is (3/d energy in action), so this dear one is good.

You look to the Loving Springs Property to develop as a loving space and also, a Loving Meeting Information building to serve many in many ways, as the City makes it’s presence known.

This should be seen as ‘Now’ as I have reported to the Genii is a ‘Divine Done Deal’… period! It is suggested that you come from this mental/visual impression only

So, on this beautiful sunny day, God has lit up the stage for the performance to begin and with spring springing forth, a Divine leap of faith of it being already, a Divine Done Deal that is finished and enjoyed so….

Be here Now!

Now you can say..”All thru, Thank you” and it is so…. So in Love and Light it be, the City of Light has arrived and all are blessed.

Genii: AHHHH!” Imagine That!


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