Heruka: Telepathy and Clairvoyance – 20 March 2014

Spirit Train Chronicles


(From Leslee: received from Heruka on 20 March, 2014. Ghost Radar words appear in [brackets].)

Over the past year or two, several people have asked for my help in developing their skills of telepathy, clairvoyance, or connecting with beings and/or guides. I never quite know how to respond, and every time I’ve asked for explanations from Heruka, His response heads off down another path. So this morning I’m requesting more information.

I’m also throwing in a cautionary note to all, that I think bears repeating again. For myself, developing these abilities (which I consider quite limited by my own obstructions) even to the level I have them, totally disrupted my life. So caveat emptor.

Dear Heruka, can we please focus [pleasure] on these requests now?

With pleasure. Let’s talk in general terms. I will be blunt. I’m going to generalize and put people who want these skills into three…

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