Dreamflight – Leslee – 9 March 2014

Spirit Train Chronicles

Dream – 9 March 2014


I drive my vehicle into a garage, as if to get an oil change. Ordinary-looking people working there…

I don’t recall getting out of the vehicle, there’s a bit of a skip in the dream as next I find myself sitting in a room in what resembles a doctor’s office. People work there wearing scrubs, things look sterile, and I sense that I’m in a small part of something that’s quite huge.

There’s a woman in scrubs sitting at a table or desk with me, and we’re looking over a floor plan drawing. It’s quite rough, looks like an old photocopy. It seems like my memory enters this part of the dream in midstream: she and I are already discussing that when I arrived in my vehicle, I was also carrying a stretcher on which lay the body of a man who had just died.

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