City of Light Update via Genii Townsend – March 3, 2014

Genii Townsend
City of Light Update as received by Genii Townsend, March 3, 2014 – www

And the Many Shall be As One!

Genii: Will there be a church in the City of Light and what can be said of this thought?

Atherian: Dear one, the City of Light is the church, as is the Light Center you are involved in. Entering the City can be discerned as the biggest worshiping cathedral God can bring forth on your planet of many denominations, etc. and all will shake off the old ways of separation as this City is a… ‘New Thought’!

A new way of knowing God as being All and ‘All Within are One’. The feeling of no separation will herald in a new way of connecting with each other. It is just plain love in higher frequencies than this planet has ever, ever felt before…ever; and there will be no escape, as all are ‘love injected’ so to speak with new healing techniques especially mental. Following me?

G: Yes, continue please.

A: No matter what the denominations are, as they are separated now even in thought, it be for God, Spirit etc. This separation will not continue as this planet is destined to be full light in the heavens as this Kingdom of God shall prevail as One, in oneness. Anything other than love will be terminated and just will not be felt anymore.

As I have said before, ’There will be no more wars!’ and it is my honor to take care of this past situation with love being the victor. You breathe air (as you call it) and light hits the ground level even now as the weather changes. People depart into their next incarnation in various ways as the love energies permeate in the current cleansing.

As people leave the City of Light they will take with them this love and like a virus spread it to everyone who comes in contact with them, and we mean by the millions as God has designed this city to be a healing for all of separations.

In saying, ‘God is, I am, We are One’, this should be seen as good. Just as in a simple thought, collating printed data of New Thought programs that were distributed by the Charles of Betterton yesterday in packages, free for the taking.(Note: see

What is this City of Light demonstration, but a new thought to most of this planets population?….of course!

And it will change many previous separation thoughts that have caused you to need to be healed of anything.

The Rev. Diana (Runge) is a conduit to share her New Thought message to many others now in her new Sedona location of the City appearance. It is good that God has brought you two together now as your past life connection functions again, in this life bringing forth the City of Light into view.

Expect to expand, as the City of Love doors open and leave you all breathless in its magnificent wonder.

Be at peace… all is quite well. Look to the New Mexico trip to be filled with love and a few happy surprises that God has planned.”

So light it be!

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