Archangel Michael on Why He Wants Us to Ask You for Your Assistance

Depiction of Archangel Michael

Here we are nearing the end of the month and this is a very difficult time for me. I don’t relish turning to readers and asking for their assistance to weather the financial storm until the Reval hits. After the Reval, everything will change but, before it, we are crossing a long, hot, dry dessert, financially.

So I did ask Archangel Michael in my Feb. 7, 2014 reading why it’s necessary to require us each month to turn to readers and his answer astonished me. This is exactly what he wants to have happen.  I post that part of the reading too.

Without your financial assistance, there would be no blog, no InLight Radio, and no Hope Chest.  And even more importantly there would be no team gathered together to do the extensive financial and communicational work for lightworkers planned for after the Reval, most of which I can’t discuss yet. But it will be extensive and rejuvenating for many, many lightworkers.

So I do make the appeal for your support to get us through this next month and I hope it’s the last time I need to do this.

Here is Archangel Michael on why this situation is allowed to be.

Go to the


SB: The team has held on so long without adequate or certain financial support that I am bone weary of making appeals to the readers for more money. And I think you said to me it wouldn’t be necessary to make another one some time ago, and yet the need goes on. Is there not something that can be done to hold the team together financially until the Reval without having to go to the readers each month?

AAM: Your readers are supporting you with their hearts.

SB: Yes. Right.

AAM: And they are supporting you in ways that they feel is their role and contribution.  So it is part of their process, their opening and their service.

SB: You don’t mind me saying that this is the way the situation is wanted to be?

AAM: It is the way it will be, and yes, wanted to be, in partnership until such time as everything is flowing.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot pursue other avenues, and some of you will, but it doesn’t also mean that there is anything amiss with this. It is a gift of gratitude, of thanksgiving, and it is a gift of community and unity, and it has need to be viewed that way.

To donate to the team please hit the “Donate” button below the Hope Chest Logo on the right and choose the “Site and Team Donations” option.
Choose ‘General Donations’ to assist the wider lightworker community.
ll donations will receive a copy of Steve’s latest anthology of articles, The Scope of What is Happening

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