Steve Beckow: Thank You Again!

Thank you

(Folks, I’m amazed at the number of responses to Archangel Michael’s clarion call for accounts of your meetings with galactics.  I’m not sure how to handle getting them all up on the blog – or even replying to you all – there are so many.  Thank you and, if time permits, we’ll see if we can construct a page with all your accounts on it.)

Your generous donations to the team via the Hope Chest enable us to soldier on until the arrival of prosperity, which we fully expect very soon, changes everyone’s fortunes in a most expansive way.

Our team is not only struggling to stay afloat. I know many readers are as well. Once the Reval hits, a number of organizations will then become able to assist people. John McHaffie’s Operation Compassion will come online at some point after the Reval. Zap’s organization will be able to help projects. We’ll have news about our own plans, which it’d be a wee bit premature to discuss at this moment.

I also know that the lists for the prosperity programs have been finalized and sent along to their organizing headquarters. The money so generated will, we hope, buoy up the economy and also be passed along to others in need.

And other engines of prosperity, such as the historic bonds and the St. Germaine World Trust, are also gearing up to come online. The process of financial reconstruction, Archangel Michael has told us, cannot be stopped.

Wes Annac’s message from the Ascended Masters and Pleiaidans gives us a vivid picture of the future we’re headed towards:

“You’ll come to learn of the reality of advanced technology that can feed your populace and see every person living a comfortable lifestyle, and for this to come about it will also be necessary for the world’s wealth to be amassed and distributed accordingly to every person. …

“Every soul on your dear Earth will be able to enjoy and benefit from widespread abundance and prosperity, and with your actions, a worldwide ruling body of the people will be established that will be truly fair and just for all.

“Your collective will run your world based on the principles of unity, harmony, cooperation and Love.” (1)

That’s our vision and what all the teams that form a part of the Nova Earth Foundation are working to bring about. And we know we’ll be linking arms with many other lightworker groups around the world also intent on building a world that works for everyone.


(1) “The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Ascension is Being Pioneered by Each of You,” channeled by Wes Annac, August 2, 2013 at


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