Ohhh The Energies!! Assimilate, Please Don’t Clear.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


If I could label yesterday with two words, it would be chaos soup!  Thru every connection I didn’t know if I was coming or going or just plain old broken!!  Every time we get into a connection and one or more of my “antenna’s” aren’t working, I always assume its on me, because until this massive shift, it has been on me.  Well, yesterday schooled me in a whole new way… again!

My first lady on the field flooded my vision with various kinds of long stem flowers, super soft pink roses, white carnations and others I just couldn’t pick up in my vision but knew there where there too.  These flowers were weaving themselves in and out of top of her magnetosphere starting from the left (physical life side) as they got to the center, I couldn’t see them any longer.  But seeing doesn’t tell the story, it just…

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