Starfish Fun

Tania Marie

sunday starfish (8) And here are ten photos from this weekend that I took of the Starfish Laura Bruno mentioned in her post I just reblogged: El Mundo Bueno

Starfish show up on special days and at special moments for me. Not everyone sees them, as I watch how people will walk by them without notice. Something always draws my eyes to them and then after spotting the first, it’s like a treasure map that keeps leading me to the next and next.

I take a lot of photos, but don’t always post them. However, since they were mentioned now twice recently, I thought you might enjoy the vibrant life and magick of these amazing Star Beings in full color!

I just fill with joy and love when we find each other. ❤

I love how they look like little people with head, arms, and legs in sweet and joyous poses. My favorite is…

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