Opening Christmas Presents (Presence) PLUS The Orgasm(s) of Creation!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

orgasm releasing

There are days, especially these last two, where that thin facade, the energetic existence of my biological life just wants to say to the universe “keep your energetic tentacles off my biology!!”  But yet, the core within just keeps saying “thank you, can I have another!”  Ohhh talk about dualistic conflict lol.  The day before yesterday I started to feel it as the connections went on.  I think the only way I can describe it is, energy bloat that surrounded my entire human form.  Once my day of connections concluded, I swear someone pressed the “accelerate bloated feeling around human” button.  I became useless.  My brain function was minimal at best and my body, forget it, it felt like i had a 100 pound gel coat on.  But at least it happened AFTER the day of connections and not before!!

Then the day gave way to night.  Geez, what is…

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