The Soul of Chicken Soup.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Chicken soup

Wow, talk about being in a communications black out from deep within!!  I am now in my 5th consecutive day with no audible voice to speak with, but beyond having no speaking voice, the blackout is actually far deeper than that.  Every-time I had sat to reply to an email or type out a blog, my body would go into it’s own tailspin of coughing and falling apart and I would just say screw it and move to the couch, and I would recover quickly.  Sadly, it really took me until yesterday morning to fully notice this pattern.  The insights that came thru on the 28th, A-flipping-mazing and all I wanted to do was share them all with you and I couldn’t.  I couldn’t harness the first word yesterday.  Of course, I had spent all but one hour hacking my lungs up again the night prior and my vital energy…

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