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The Shift of Time and Energy!

energy of life

Wow, who put more accelerant down!!??  By my second reading yesterday my brains felt like tinsel on a Christmas tree on a windy day, not to mention weirdly dizzy, kinda like the dizzy was deep inside my head (no doubt emerging from the pineal gland itself) and breathed itself outwards, then collapsed back into itself.  Just an ongoing weird feeling thru the day until my last connection of the day, when all that dizziness from the day seemed to wad itself up and got wedged in the middle of my heart chakra.  Ouchies even!!

Thru it all tho, I am noticing a contrast happening in each day, with every connection.  I do want to start with my first lady the day before yesterday (on the 23rd.)  Her entire energy field unfolded very much like the image I used in my sharing that morning:


That was not my original art I…

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