Lisa Gawlas: We Are The “Divine Source Of Existence.”

Openhearted Rebellion

lisagawlas2Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

There is so much I want to share in understanding today, I pray I can get it all out and more importantly, get it out clearly for all of us to digest and incorporate.

As each reading unfolded yesterday, I started to get a lot of side notes of understanding thru the day.  I think the best way to share this information is with one of my incredible pieces of art (smirk.)

between the worlds

Every one of us started out in that old 3D world.  We had to know intimately all the laws of duality, all that we were capable of with and with the light of love basking in our hearts.  Once we finished up living as the darkest aspect of our selves in created reality, a little light switch started to go on, and we embarked on the adventure of getting out of the density of…

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