John Smallman – Jesus: Your Awakening From The Illusion, From The Unreality In Which You Have Apparently Been Immersed For Eons Is Imminent!

Openhearted Rebellion

john-blog-pics-0135Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

Photo: John Smallman

There is only the ONE!  You all know that, even if many of you have trouble accessing that knowledge, that deep innerknowing. God, our Father, the Source of all that exists and in which all is contained, just IS.

And the Source is infinite, limitless, without boundaries – there is no beyond, there is only within, which has neither beginning nor end, it just IS, ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE.  It is inevitable, unavoidable, constantly supportive of all that exists in loving acceptance, never judging, just embracing and enfolding in the eternal field of LOVE.

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