Karen Doonan: Nephilim Message to Humanity – 27 Dec 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

 Karen Doonan | Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

Beloved ones we are the Nephilim and we come to guide and to support and to help you understand at a human conscious waking mind level the vibrational changes and shifts that both the planet earth and the human vehicle into which you have incarnated now moves through and beyond.  

For ALL changes and shifts at all moments of each moment and many of you are filtering this out at human conscious waking mind level. The changes to planet earth are necessary for the changes to the human race, both interlinked and both interwoven with each other, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

The vibrational changes to the energetic signature of the planet now expand, grow and unfold, for the planet must be at a vibrational level of support in order to anchor the changes that…

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